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  1. Hello everyone I just started putting together my soon to be store and well I saw this hack and installed it. Hack gave me some problems but with the basic php skills and mysql skills that I have I was able to fix them. shopping_cart.php in catalog/imcludes/classes has the wrong table name and caused an error but I was able to fix that. But that isn't my problem anymore. I installed the hack and it works great. In Firefox that is. In internet explorer I can't get any of the links on the menus to work. http://www.geekcubes.com open it in both IE and Firefox. Then try to navigate and you will see what I mean. I find this really weird. I had to edit the catalog/index.php file to change the way the css file was called and that fixed that and I had to change the location of the images in the /catalog/includes/configure.php file from images/ to http://www.geekcubes.com/images/ just to get them to display in IE. Also the gv_faq.php file when someone reads the FAQ they have no way of getting back to the catalog unless they enter the URL again. If anyone can tell me what I have done wrong I would be extremly greatful
  2. Opps posted this in the wrong thread sorry.
  3. HardwareGeek

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Hmm I guess no one knows :(
  4. HardwareGeek

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    I get the following error when I check orders and click Edit, Invoce or Packing slip. select products_description as desc_info from products_description where products_id = Anyone know what I may have done wrong?
  5. HardwareGeek

    USPS shipping

    LOL Your right I feel like an Idiot. It says it in the email to call them lol.
  6. HardwareGeek

    USPS shipping

    I have the same problem :(
  7. HardwareGeek

    Payment Method

    Hey sstrycker, BlueNote helped me on another thread with this problem. You have to change your ZONE for paypal to -none-
  8. HardwareGeek

    Payment Method

    I just installed and am having the same problem when PayPal is the only payment accepted.