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    edoscript reacted to dr_lucas in PHP 7   
    You can easily fix it.
    Read this:
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    IIRC, 5.010 is indeed the last full installation, and there are a number of incremental updates following it, up to 5.018. I haven't looked to see if all the updates will be applied in one "update" click, or if you have to update several times to get to 5.018, but you might want to keep an eye on what it's doing. I recall that there are gaps in the sequence (i.e., there are not 8 updates to get to 5.018).
    There have been some recent changes to PayPal (e.g., Connect vs Login), so 5.018 isn't the last word, but I think Harald has to manually do some code changes to bring it up to date. I don't know what his plans are there.
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    edoscript reacted to raiwa in Purchase without account for 2.3.4 and BS2334   
    Hello @edo.script,
    PWA series 3.x is intended for BS CE FROZEN. All instructions, files and references are for this version only.
    If your store version is a previous EDGE version, you need to know how hooks work and to be able to adapt the instructions/code references to your store.
    Otherwise please use the last series 2 version ( Purchase without account BS 2.5r2 )
    The most important difference in FROZEN is that hooks registry is done automatically in application_top.php. But you do not need to adit this file in any PWA version. Tht's whi it is not included in the package and there is no need for it.
    If your store version is previous you need to add the hook registry manually like I posted befor to the page files where hooks are used.
    The modification in the instructions are the hook call which is the second part you need to get the hook working.
    Please understand that it is impossible to include accurate instructions for all BS CE versions which are out there. There are hundreds of them.
    The latest versions of my add ons are all for FROZEN which is the recommended actual and stable version for users which are not skilled in coding.
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    edoscript reacted to raiwa in Purchase without account for 2.3.4 and BS2334   
    Hello Ed @edo.script,
    Point 1:
    It looks like you tried to install/update PWA 3.0.5 over the old GOLD version from @De Dokta. It also seems you are mixing code provided from older PWA 2.x versions with PWA 3.0.5.
    The code you mention under point 1 is not used any more in PWA 3.0.5.
    Please complete uninstall your old PWA version before installing PWA 3.0.5, there are no update instructions available for that old version.
    For the hook call in checkout_process.php:
    $OSCOM_Hooks->call('pwa', 'PwaCheckoutMailMod');) . This is from an older PWA 2.x version. Please do not try to mix code from older version. Use only the coding provided in PWA 3.0.5.
    PWA 3.0.5 is for FROZEN BS which includes the hook call in application_top.php at the very end:
    $OSCOM_Hooks->register(basename($PHP_SELF, '.php')); Only if you do not have this in application_top.php you need to add to checkout_process.php:
    $OSCOM_Hooks->call('checkout_process', 'PwaCheckoutMailMod'); Observe that the "echo" you have in front is totally wrong.
    Point 2:
    Redo your installation like explained before. Make sure that you have the Header Tag module and the checkout_success content module correct installed.
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    edoscript got a reaction from raiwa in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    Much better idea. Thank you for bringing this up. My short words was on 1, which i changed to 2.
    As far as the character conversion, I see  it is Case SeNSitive. So we would need to have (By=>, BY=>, by=> ) to make sure it serves the purpose.