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  1. Kurt


    What about "Affiliate-tier" i mean Multilevel Affiliate provision. It`s perfect function, but how it can work if affiliater can`t see report this some information abot their tierlevel web-masters (affiliaters)?
  2. Kurt

    Article Manager v1.0

    What about guest reviews and "guest tell a friend"?
  3. Kurt

    Category Specific Meta Tags

    What about Specific Meta Tags to individual manufacturers? I mean /index.php?manufacturers_id=1, /index.php?manufacturers_id=2 e.t.c
  4. Kurt

    Master Products - MS2

    On my webserver Disabled get_magic_quotes_gpc that`s why i can`t work whis master product. Slave products dosn`t add in to the shoping cart. How fix it?
  5. Kurt

    Master Products - MS2

    I use Master_products-v1.1.2, when i add slaves product to the cart I have "Your Shopping Cart is empty" Why it happand? And how i can fix it?
  6. May be it possible do by Category Meta Tags