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  1. Hoog

    Order status not updating after payment

    Don't you need to be redirected back to the folder where checkout success php is located?
  2. Hoog

    Redirect after payment

    Hi Bob I am using the xxxxxms3 module (i think, can't be sure as the file has to be renamed), all the files are included in the addon for Realex. It all worked fine a while ago and i thought i had cracked it. Was getting redirected back to the checkout with either success or displaing a message if the card payment failed. Now if a customer puts in their card details it tell them that the transaction was successful but there was a problem connecting back to the merchant's website. Thanks in advance
  3. Hoog

    Redirect after payment

    Hi, Am using the Realex payment module and have almost everything working except when i complete a card payment it should redirect back to the OSC site and show the order has been placed. Instead i get a message that its a merchant problem and no redirect takes place. Any ideas on how i can find out where the problem is? I did wonder if it was something in the .htaccess file or with cookies but am unsure.
  4. Hoog

    Shipping per category

    @@kymation and Bruyndoncx Many thanks guys to you both for the advice. I have been away so had not checked for replies. I will take your advice and look at these options. thanks again!
  5. Hoog

    Shipping cost per category

    Is this a simiar request to the question i asked and have had kindly had some advice on? http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/394217-shipping-per-category/
  6. Hi Is there a module or a way to achieve shipping per category? I have a store which has multiple categories but only needs to offer two different shipping rates, Plus a free delivery option for orders over £x.xx? Can i do this by assigning specific weights the two types? Would be interested in people views or if there is an addon out there. Thanks :thumbsup:
  7. Hi, I had a similar requirement and approached one of the community leads on here to enlist his expertise. Good guy and approachable. So would recommend him. http://forums.oscommerce.com/user/184805-geoffreywalton/ I wanted shiping to certain postcodes and also some postcodes would be free while others would be chargable.
  8. Hoog

    Realex 3D payments

    All working now with postive testing of valid and declined card payments. Was a bit of hassle getting it working but at last!!! Now for a beer or two..or three
  9. Hoog

    Realex 3D payments

    OK, so testing card payments. Successful transactions work fine and customer is redirected back to the shop where it tells them their order is OK. BUT, when testing cards that should fail, i get redirected back to the customer login page? Any ideas?? I have checked the site for any redirects that may interfere but nothing there. The module is installed OK as successful test payments are going through
  10. Hoog

    Realex 3D payments

    Finally getting somewhere and have successful test transactions working a treat!
  11. Hoog

    Different shipping costs in UK

    Hi Xpajun I was looking for something like this but cannot get it to work. I did try Geoffreys addon which used a CSV file but this removed the option to install the module in admin so i could not re-install it. Was a problem with the zones.php file but i could not figure out what. Then tried yours and this allows to install but i don't get any extra options. Is this because i need to add the postcodes to shipping table? BTW, am using OSC 2.3.3. Many Thanks
  12. Hoog

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Don't worry Jim as i just saw the earlier comments in this thread so will use those to work through it. Thanks anyway and keep up the great work
  13. Hoog

    product sort for admin only

    Thanks Steve. Your instructions are spot on and was a great help! cheers mate
  14. Hoog

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hi Jim Have to say this is a great addon. I do have one slight problem in that with the MAIN TEXT module, when i install it worked ok and shows the text for the main screen, but when i look to edit the text it the text is not shown with only options to enable main text or change the sort order.