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  1. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Problem: Before installing attribute manager: In categories.php you could hit enter to submit the form; when the cursor was in a regular text field (<input type="text"...>). After installing attribute manager: Hitting Enter no longer submits the form when the cursor is in regular text fields! Anyone happen to know what the culprit is and how to fix this? ta
  2. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Found it!... Fix to allow colons ( ' : ' ) in option names and option values: edit attributeManager\classes\attributeManager.class.php look for ( this one is inside function addOption($get) { ...} ) list($langId,$name) = explode(':',$option); change it to: list($langId,$name) = explode(':',$option, 2); and look for ( this one is inside function addOptionValue($get) { ...} ) list($langId,$name) = explode(':',$optionValue); change it to: list($langId,$name) = explode(':',$optionValue, 2); Done! if you want to be able to add ':' in template names , look for explode(':',$templateName); and change it to explode(':',$templateName,2); I've given this a quick test and looks ok, lemme know if I missed anything ;) enjoy
  3. Today was my second day spent on trying to make CSS3PIE work for IE8 with osc231, jqueryUI... utter failure, PIE is a big mess, totally breaks jquery :( :(

  4. [Addon} Theme Switcher

    @@BarterBin if that doesn't work, it's likely other modules' settings don't work either. the configuration dialogue is generated by modules.php, which is part of oscommerce itself... What does chrome say you sent to it in the network tab? e.g. it should be something like: Form Data: configuration[MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_THEME_SWITCHER_STATUS]: True configuration[MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_THEME_SWITCHER_SORT_ORDER]: 1 configuration[MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_THEME_SWITCHER_JQUERY_UI_VERSION]: 1.8.20 ...... (Chrome, Developer Tools > 'Network' tab, post the config form and afterwords click on the top file (modules.php) andsee the headers you sent to it. )
  5. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    anyone happen to know why this doesn't allow ':' in the attribute names/ attribute values? for instance if you try to add an Option named '1234:5678' you get an Option named '1234', the rest of it is dropped.same for values. I've been trying to identify in which part of the code the ':' gets dropped but it's all one big jumble, no coherence :( :( there always seems to be an extra '4:' in the submitted value ... /attributeManager/attributeManager.php?amAction=addOption&options=4:123%20%3A%204566&optionSort=1 <--- I think this refers to the id="4" in the popup dialogue, but still why does that get put in there? and how can I stop it from interfeering with the intended value. cheers
  6. [Addon} Theme Switcher

    on the contrary, it will decrease the load time since it's able to load the file from a domain other than the site's domain (the concurent connection limit per domain issue) ... ie, if www.example.com is your main site, and cdn.example.com is your cdn. the browser will have one less file to try and get from www.example.com specifically on the case of jquery's js hosted by a popular CDNs like googleapis, it's more than likely already in your browser's cache, since many many many sites use it that way in their headers.
  7. [Addon} Theme Switcher

    I wanted to use a CDN hosted jquery, so I dug in and ended up with this: http://pastebin.com/5SxVckEU (need to uninstall the existing version first and then update the file, and re-install to remove the old key that is no longer used and other sql queries...) maybe this is helpful to someone...
  8. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    to fix utf-8 characters in attributes this worked for me: in attributeManager.js change: returnArray.push(allValues[i].id+':'+escape((getElement(allValues[i].id).value))); to: returnArray.push(allValues[i].id+':'+encodeURIComponent((getElement(allValues[i].id).value))); I only use one language on the store and it has a CHARSET value set to "UTF-8" in the config, dunno if there would be more changesd needed for multiple languages that do not use UTF-8 as their charset (... in which case why are you not using UTF-8 in the first place?). cheers
  9. [Contribution] Products Specifications

    Aha! That was something I changed when I just finished installing it ;) (Also, something else: I've been used to the usual behavior of clicking-waiting-clicking on the line to 'enter' something in other areas, and this having to click the folder was new to me... lol) Cheers, Now I have to go find a Documents manager for 2.3.1... hmm
  10. [Contribution] Products Specifications

    @@kymation Hi, trying to install using the package v1.1.11 (contribution #8096) on osc2.3.1, I either missed something big somewhere or there is a bug in the packaged categories.php, please tell me what you think is more likely... This is a screenshot of the output given by the categories.php provided in your package, as-is, no edits. http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/5479/osc231prodspecs1111.jpg This is a screenshot of the output given by the merged categories.php with my previously existing code (includes a couple of contributions, and my own customizations..) http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/9674/osc231prodspecs1111afte.jpg This is a screenshot of the categories.php 'before' adding Products Specifications 1.1.11 http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/4295/osc231prodspecs1111befo.jpg all three are from visiting: /catalog/admin/categories.php?cPath=&action=new_product I *hope* the error was in my application of the contribution. I'm giving the snapshots in hopes that the output reminds you, or someone else, of something similar... Things look good on the product_info.php side (or, well, almost good... I need to customize it to my liking..)
  11. minor visual fix (no 'lone horizontal border' at the top of the children categories) .menu_content div:first-child { border-top: 0px; } CSS for bm_categories_accordion.php v1.0.4 20120519: http://pastebin.com/xayk1sEe
  12. Facepalm... The fix was actually easy, bug of the I'm stupid kind... cause by a misplaced </div> tag ( the js script that triggers the 'creation' was inside the div tag, and it is supposed to be outside of it...) so, here's my latest code. However, since my last post, I have added the two things previously on my TODO list. TODO: Move the styling in the children elements to a style-sheet. Make the accordion "Close-able". so it's slightly different. PHP Code: bm_categories_accordion.php v1.0.4 20120518 (also on pastebin) Also, add this to your stylesheet.css: CSS: CSS for bm_categories_accordion.php v1.0.4 20120518 (also on pastebin) The customize-able areas are: ~line 113: ' collapsible: true,' . PHP_EOL . change this to false if you don't want the menu to be collapsible (=close-able). ~line 129: ' class="ui-priority-primary"' . // Optional: this makes top menu elements be bold. ~line 154 now has ' class="menu_' . $node->depth . '"' . it used to be something like: 'style="margin: 0 -15px 0 ' . $indent . 'em; border-top: 1px solid #cccccc; padding-top:0.2em; padding-bottom: 0.2em;"' NOTE: this moves the styling off to a stylesheet... see the CSS file linked above. I highly suggest you customize the css to your liking (especially the css in menu_content div { } )
  13. @@altoid I would normally say something like, 'time to move the internet forward and forget about IE8' ... but ~13% of my traffic this month is from IE8 users G@%#^#*(#)(*&! ... *sigh* trying to fix it now... first I need to install a VM with winXP in it so I can actually run IE8 ... lol...
  14. Ahm, yes I'm aware. Sorry I forgot to mention it but I thought it was a given with the different, no-reload, effect. ;) I too will have to re-arrange my category structure a bit when I am done with my move from 2.2 to 2.3.1 ...
  15. @@kymation OK, I went and edited this to: Pre-load sub-categories (up to depth 1) Actually have a true accordion menu (as in: no page reload. relies on #1) Also pre-load the trail of parent/child-categories in the cPath. The result has, IMHO, smoother construction logic in the code. It also fixes on an issue the original code has with categories of level 2 and higher... but that's just a side-effect of the new logic. ^_^ Sample snapshot showing category depth 5. http://dm.8mydog.com/src/PHP/osc2.3.1/snapshot_bm_categories_accordion.png ... Code: bm_categories.php v1.03 20120511 (also on pastebin.com) (!) Two points in the code that merit customization: ~line 127 ' class="ui-priority-primary"' . // Optional: this makes top menu elements be bold. and ~line 154: 'padding-top:0.2em; padding-bottom: 0.2em;">' . Please feel free to audit/tweak the code, and add it to your contribution if you wish. Cheers TODO: Move the styling in the children elements to a style-sheet. Make the accordion "Close-able".