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  1. sandralk

    Stylesheet Changes

    just pull the graphics into an editing program, get rid of whatever is there and make the image 100% transparent. then just reupload them (you can resave the old ones with a different name first in case you want to go back). Then you don't have to match the color. hth
  2. sandralk

    Paypal Confirm Email

    it means they did not return to your site. you should set up the auto return feature in paypal to your checkout_success.php page or install the Paypal IPN contribution. hth
  3. sandralk

    Any recent Paypal changes?

    you should set your auto return to your checkout_success page. hth
  4. sandralk

    Looking for a way to add Insurance for USPS

    1.30 only covers up to $50. Then it's a $.90 jump to $2.20 for $50-100 and goes up $1 for every hundred after that.
  5. sandralk

    setting up Authorize.net

    I am in the process of setting up my payment processing through authorize.net. This is a live site so i need it to happen with as little disruption as possible. I currently use paypal and i'm tired of losing sales from people who don't want to deal with them...i'm ready to move on :D. If i set it up through the built in Authorize.net module, will I be ok with that? are there major problems with it? Is there a particular contribution i should install instead? Anything else i need to know before i make this leap? oh, and for the time being i'm using MS1 if that affects your answers :). thanks!
  6. I saw a post where someone created two copies of the paypal module and labeled one credit card. i'd like to do the same and have the credit card choice go directly to the pay without an account page and skip that opening page entirely, but when i change the URL to the one i get when i click on the button, it goes to the front page anyway. I'm figuring it probably isn't possible, but it's worth asking anyway :). I'd obviously still need it to carry through the total, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to get away from Paypal soon, but until then, i need to figure out a way to make it easier on my customers who do not have paypal. thanks
  7. sandralk

    PayPal module without credit cards

    there should be an account log in right on the paypal screen
  8. sandralk

    Paypal & Invoices

    if auto return isn't working all the time for you, you might want to install the Paypal IPN. i've been fortunate, i guess, that the auto return has solved it for me. Almost every order was being lost before, and i haven't had one lost since. Maybe my customers are more patient :lol:
  9. sandralk

    USPS & UPS Shipping Modules

    i'm right there with you and i SO wish i could help you, but i'm in the same boat (on the USPS part anyway) and haven't been able to get any help. I've got 2 friends working on it, but neither of them really knows PHP or OSC specifically and haven't been able to find any reason that it won't work. At this point I'm wondering if it is a host issue...like a setting that is preventing it from working or something, but unfortunately i don't even have a clue if that is possible or what the problem might be to get it resolved. if they come up with something i'll definitely let you know
  10. sandralk

    USPS moduel

    have you emailed/called USPS to request to be put on their production server? you'll get a confirmation email once that is done, and then you'll need to switch to production in oscommerce. The test function apparently never (or rarely) works. If you have done that, and it still doesn't work, then you're probably in the same boat as me and I wish i had a solution for you (cause then i'd have one for me too LOL).
  11. sandralk

    USPS shipping not working

    well even prayer isn't workign for me, so if you figure out a solution let me know :). I've been live for 2 months with a thrown together shipping table because i couldn't get it working and couldn't get any help to fix it. I don't even know where to begin to get it working :(. Hopefully you'll get some help with your problem so i can fix mine! :D
  12. sandralk

    USPS Module

    you're not alone. I'm still utterly frustrated with it...I have no idea what to do to fix it. I've talked to USPS several times and posted here several times, but unfortunately no one can seem to help me get it resolved. I've had to set up table rates for all the zones in the US and i'm going to have to start doing it for international customers as well, but that is going to take a LOT of work to do (and I'll have to do it all over again if they change the rates!). I'd much prefer to get the USPS module working but i don't even know where to begin. If you get it working, let me know!
  13. sandralk

    How do you write an ounce?

    you'd need to change the number of digits in the field in your database, but i don't know if that messes up shipping modules or not (since i can't get mine to work anyway!). It's set as x,2 right now and it would need to be x,4. I'm not sure if you are saying it is coming up as 06 or if there should have been a decimal in there somewhere (like maybe .06?). .06 is probably close enough, or you could round up to .07?
  14. sandralk

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    oh, and does anyone know what we would do with that info?
  15. sandralk

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    well at least they responded :) it seems that only refers to the international options, though...would that mess up the US options too?