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  1. I'll re-state first post. All works fine offline (Localhost). The error appears in admin online when I try working with the extra pages.
  2. Yes it is? and same on localhost. using same database_tables.php file.... All works fine on localhost using Wamp. The problem is in live site.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Seems I am OK there. I double checked. Here is the defines from the database_tables.php: define('TABLE_WHOS_ONLINE', 'whos_online'); define('TABLE_ZONES', 'zones'); define('TABLE_PAGES', 'pages'); define('TABLE_PAGES_DESCRIPTION', 'pages_description'); ?> Have any more ideas? Tom
  4. I have read every post and Googled but I found no solution so hoping someone can answer. I have the addon - Extra Pages-Info box installed on localhost that works fine but can not get it working online. tried all I know. I get this database error every time: Extra Infos Page Manager   1146 - Table 'db407532263.TABLE_PAGES' doesn't exist select count(*) as total from TABLE_PAGES p LEFT JOIN TABLE_PAGES_DESCRIPTION s on p.pages_id = s.pages_id where s.language_id='1' Of course the tables are in the database. Please, please help. Tom
  5. Hello, I have read every known post concerning this addon trying to undertsand it and get it to work but found nothing like my issue. Installation went fine and I can configue it in admin fine. Problem is nothing appears anyplace. No way for anyone to even know it is there. Do you have suggestions? Thanks Tom
  6. John, This sounds good. Looking forward to using this add on. It would be nice if something like this is in next full release. Reading in the forums today I ran across a mention that version 2.3.3 has issues with some add-ons using jQuery. Hope I "miss-understood" that. Tom
  7. Product Questions for oscommerce 2.3 by suryapraveen - questions not showing. I've installed this add-on and all appears to work fine except, when a product question is asked I receive an email notification but can not do anything more. The question does not show in catalog (website) or administration side at all and there is no why to allow or deny the question or for that matter to see that a qeustion was asked. I've carefully re-installed 3 times. Anyone have suggestions. Thanks Tom