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  1. Simple Checkout - for 2.3.1 (official support thread)

    Try to disable php warnings in your php.ini, this should fix the problem
  2. Simple Checkout - for 2.3.1 (official support thread)

    Hello, thank you for the great package. I've got a little problem with the latest version. After the installation is completed, I've started to test your package, when I hit on the 'Guest checkout' or other variants of login, fill the form and hit "Guest checkout", nothing happens. The script posts the info to the checkout.php script and returns: {"login":"","msg":"","status":"success"} But after that nothing happens and the Account details dialog is still appears. Only if I manually go to the checkout.php, it shows me the contents of my shopping cart and payment method without showing an option to choose shipping method. To reproduce, you may go to the shop.karam.org.ua Thank you for the help.