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  1. ellypho

    dot decimal quantities

    Are you able to point me to that add-on multimixer? Cheers!
  2. ellypho

    dot decimal quantities

    Hey OSCF, I've got a site selling meats and produce and I would like to charge meat by the kg. Is there a way to put dot decimal quantities? For instance .6kg of meat at $30/kg? The issue is that the meat can vary in weight so I need to find a way to charge customers based on what I might have in stock. Ex: Client want's 1.5kg of elk leg roast but I only have a package of 1kg in the freezer and they paid debit online. How could I get around this issue? I figured I could call them and tell them what I have in stock but how would I then manage the transaction? Thanks everyone!
  3. ellypho

    Account locked discout codes

    I managed to do what I wanted by recopying the fax code and naming it "promo" everywhere in the site. That way the promo codes move's around same as the fax number and then it's just a question of finding the module that integrates fax numbers into the invoice and changing it to display the promo. I couldn't give you all the code and links as I didn't keep track of my work on the mod but anyone trying to do this is free to get a hold of me for advice. ;)
  4. ellypho

    Account locked discout codes

    Hello again, thanks for the input. I've been trying to get a Discount add-on working instead but have not come into a roadblock. I've basically gone out and copied all the code related to the fax number and replaced the word "fax" with the word "promo" thus allowing clients to add the one time promo code upon account creation. That way my rep gets their cut and I can keep track of who get's what. The issue: I'd like to get the promo code to show up in the "order process" email so that I may keep track of my sellers respective volumes. Tl;DR Where would I go to modify the email "order process"? Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, I'm running a delivery based grocery store that is marketed by reps but I need a way to reward reps based on the volume they sell. Thing is I want to permanently lock my clients to their reps that that they get paid their commission as I'm not paying them otherwise. TL;DR Is there an add-on that allows for a promo code to be entered when an account is setup to lock my clients on to a specific rep? Thanks OSF