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  1. I fixed this problem by renaming some custom variables I placed before in the header to run a random quote in my header. This script used same name variables or something well after I renamed all the problem was gone. Go back on the last modification you did before it started to occur
  2. my shipping modules are totally fu**** , if I select more then one Item it does not let me proceed to the payment module at all ??? I turned shipping off no success. ??? I turn any shipping module on it displays only K K K ???? see post Can anybody out there help me fix the problem or guide me in the direction of the problem. Help is appreciated
  3. When I checkout no matter witch province or country in my addressbook, no matter wich product selected I see only KK and more KK This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. KK KK KK KK I did not modify the code for, everything was smouth running before I changed settings under modules and order total However I tried for long Anybody else did see this kind of bug occur ? Please reply , thanks
  4. well it needs a weight, eh? what has my tax to do with the weight?
  5. Hello all I installed 2.2 MS2 Canadian tax system Gift Voucher and coupons everything was working fine , the canadian tax Ontario GST, coupon code, etc.. now when I check out no shipping methods can be selected. The checkout procedure steps over the shipping selection... i tried all kind of configuration settings, no shipping display when I checkout. As well no Taxes are displayed.... The tax zones have worked all fine a few days ago this why it is so strange...i did not modify the tax zones or anything like it. Please point me in the right direction to fix shipping and tax problem of mine. Why is checkout jumping over checkout_shipping.php and what happend to my taxes ?? Thanks for any input