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  1. Thank you for advices. I had tried it, but it didn't work. I will check compatibility with other contributions then and the possibility that I had messed something up during installation. By the way - thank you for all support for SEO contribs.
  2. Hello, I've installed Ultimate SEO URLs v2.2 about a year ago. Everything worked fine until i decided do set character conversions. The problem is that after setting them (in my example - ó=>o,ł=>l....) all available links on page are still missing converted characters. For example - the link should lead to "olowek-p-15.html" instead of "owek-p-15.html" as it does. Both pages - "owek" and "olowek" exist. Even "olwek", "oowek". Setting on "enable automatic redirects" makes some strange results. All links still appear in old form, but main categories are redirected corectly. Ex. Link "okolicznościowe" leads to "okolicznosciowe" not okolicznociowe, but it doesn't work with subcategories (broken redirect) and products - still leading to old pages ("owek"). I tried enabling/disabling cache, clearing it and some other things. It's first problem that seems to be difficult to solve by myself after installing some contributions so I'd really appreciate some tips about what to do with this matter, or where to search for solution. I have checked this topic before, but couldn't find similiar problem. Mariusz