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  1. yeah I tried doing it on my own using the Manufacturer's box as a guide but obviously got lost. I used thread because I thought this add-on could do both, apparently not :( if you go to the current live site www.graveyardrecords.com I need the drop-down for the "Browse A Category" to work the exact same for the new BS site. I thought this add-on would display the drop down on BOTH desktop AND mobile. unfortunately it doesn't :( Since anything PHP is way over my head, I'm just going to look to hire someone to do what I need done at this point, just I need something this particular add-on does not provide nor I can create myself.
  2. good idea @ArtcoInc so this is what I currently have: current and this is what I want the end result to look like want because of the HUGE amount of categories this is just the easiest way, in my mind for the user to browse them.
  3. is there a reason I can't view this add-on on my desktop pc using either Chrome or MS Edge? Using resolution 1920x1080 I'm using the "Categories Menu XS" as I prefer how that looks on my phone. If I use the "Horizontal Categories Menu" it just adds all 350+ categories on my screen in a row.
  4. graveyardrecords

    category drop down menu?

    Hi, I couldn't find an add-on so didn't know if one existed for Edge. I'd like to have my category list as a drop down like the "manufacturers" box. Is there something out there that can do this? I tried making my own modifying the manufacturer's one but got lost once I got into all the PHP coding. I installed the "Horizontal Categories Menu BS" add-on and that works great on my cell phone, but I need something like that for viewing on a desktop pc thanks! jeff
  5. graveyardrecords

    Domestic Only Shipping??

    I called hostgator and they don't allow that :( my only option according to customer support would be to buy a new domain/hosting and build that in php 7 :( I found my own business server is running PHP 5.4.45 with OSC 2.3.4 but the EDGE one appears compatible. so I guess i'll just install it in a subdirectory there, build it and then when it's ready, move it to my client's server and upgrade her server to 7.0 now to just figure out how to export the database >.<
  6. graveyardrecords

    Domestic Only Shipping??

    lol duh! that explains it haha okay, i'm uploading the "master" folders for the Edge into a subdomain.mydomain.com now
  7. graveyardrecords

    Domestic Only Shipping??

    thanks, i did try to install the Edge version in a www.mydomain.com/folder but obviously the PHP version wouldn't allow it to work properly. I'll ask hostgator if I can run a different php version in a sub-domain, never thought of that. re: shipping module, i completely forgot to answer. Currently I just have the "store pick up" installed, I tried to install the "oscom-upsxml-version-1-5-for-oscommerce-2-3-x-z6l1O-DdJp7" but i think i screwed it up. Either way, shipping will be USPS only.
  8. graveyardrecords

    Domestic Only Shipping??

    just installed a fresh copy of to replace our ancient 2.2 RC2a sadly, running PHP 5.2.17 :( can't upgrade php for fear the live 2.2 store will break in the meantime)
  9. graveyardrecords

    Domestic Only Shipping??

    you mean like a "zone" class? and the store is physical goods only.
  10. graveyardrecords

    Domestic Only Shipping??

    Is there an easy way (besides deleting each country in admin) to allow only people with domestic U.S. addresses to buy from my client's store? She has zero interest selling outside of the country due to the high possibility of fraud as well as just the headache of filling out customs forms. thanks!
  11. graveyardrecords

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I just installed v 6.1a and now I'm receiving this error on /checkout_phpshipping.php -2147219101 missing value for service. any ideas? google is being retarded for information on this error :( currently using: OS 2.2 RC2a 5.2.17 php
  12. graveyardrecords

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    @@fulluvscents thanks for this contrib, but I'm having a problem still. on the page: /checkout_shipping.php I get the following error: This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. I followed your directions but no idea why I'm not getting anything from USPS. I'm using OSC 2.2RC2a with php v 5.2.17 so currently no one can buy anything on the website until this issue is fixed, actually the above error I received prior to installing your contrib. I installed yours hoping it would fix the problem. Any other ideas what might cause it? jeff