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  1. I just installed v 6.1a and now I'm receiving this error on /checkout_phpshipping.php -2147219101 missing value for service. any ideas? google is being retarded for information on this error :( currently using: OS 2.2 RC2a 5.2.17 php
  2. @@fulluvscents thanks for this contrib, but I'm having a problem still. on the page: /checkout_shipping.php I get the following error: This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. I followed your directions but no idea why I'm not getting anything from USPS. I'm using OSC 2.2RC2a with php v 5.2.17 so currently no one can buy anything on the website until this issue is fixed, actually the above error I received prior to installing your contrib. I installed yours hoping it would fix the problem. Any other ideas what might cause it? jeff