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  2. whoiswes

    Bundled products

    Chris (and everyone else)... I installed the Bundled Products mod two days ago in the hopes it would be the answer to our problem of needing a one to many relationship between components and products. It has! Although it doesn't do everything we need it to, I have been able to mod our existing scripts so that our system is finally 100% functional. I had created a script that did basically the same thing that your mod does, but couldn't figure out how to update the shopping cart quantities to accurately reflect the current stock level of a product, based on the subproduct quantities. In other words, we wanted to limit a customer to adding ONLY the number of products we have on hand. Before I looked at your mod, I couldn't get my head wrapped around the problem, and couldn't find a way to keep a running total of what subproducts were in the cart, and the quantity remaining on each. After having a lightbulb go off, I am using some session variables as temporary containers to keep track of our subproduct quantities during the shopping process. If it sounds complicated it is, and it's taken several days of brain melting to get to this point. The reason I am telling you all of this is because installing your mod gave me the idea and allowed us to finish this particular part of the project. For that, I am incredibly thankful. My previous solution was almost exactly the same as yours but for some reason, your solution gave me the idea that worked out in the end. If anyone wants to know more, I will do what I can. Most of you could probably do a much better job than I have - I am not an expert by any means, but am learning more and more every day, even after two years of using PHP almost daily... Thanks again!!! Wes
  3. whoiswes

    Bundled products

    we are running an almost completely custom OSC install - this is one of the last major mods we wanna set up. i had been working on my own version for a while until i did one last search and came up with this thread. i'm gonna install this sucker and see if it does what we need (and it sounds PERFECT!!!) will post my impressions later! thanks!
  4. whoiswes

    Master Products - MS2

    been looking at this contribution for one of our stores...we need to have a one-to-many relationship between the slaves and the masters (individual components can be used in several different products, several times PER product - complicated). two questions: 1. will the next release support this type of relationship, and 2. is there an estimated release date or timeframe for said release? thanks a ton in advance!!!