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  1. poj

    OSplayer 2.1 folder problem

    I also have the same problem. Try to change root folder to 777, didn't work. How to solve this error?
  2. poj

    osPlayer v2

    I need it too, anyone?
  3. poj

    OsPlayer - "Mac Like" Aqua Skin

    When I try to publish preview the .fla file in flash program, I've got this error - **Error** Symbol=open, layer=Calque 3, frame=11:Line 12: Type mismatch in assignment statement: found Boolean where Function is required. _root.stop = false; How can I fix that?
  4. delete the first line , "<?php" then copy the first line (<?php) from other script, paste it in the loyaty script. that's it.
  5. poj

    No Stock No Checkout

    anyone? Please help.
  6. I've got problem with No_Stock_No_checkout contribution No Stock No checkout When I try to edit the product_info.php, I can't find I found this instead So I try to edit it like this But the result is on product info page, every product shows that it's "not avaliable". Eventhough the stock quantity is higher than 0. And I can't drop the product into shopping cart. What've I done wrong? How to solve this problem?
  7. Thank you for the great contribution. However when I try to use it with my store, something's wrong. When I try to edit the product_info.php as instructed, I can't find the But found this instead So I try to edit it to But it didn't work. At the product info page of every item, only show the "not avaliable" button. Even the product quantity is higher than 0, it still show 'not avaliable' button. And I can't put any product into shopping cart. What have I done wrong? anyone can help? Thank you.
  8. poj

    Fatal error with easy populate

    I also face the same problem, how did you solve it?