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  1. don0don

    Article Manager v1.0

    We have found a way to globally eliminate the Banners from the articles pseudo pages, but it is a workaround—it doesn't fix the underlying problem of the Boxes/Banner Set filter failing to display the Banners only on the pages selected in the "display on pages" list. The workaround is to use phpMyAdmin to open the database, open the "configuration" table, and edit the "display in pages" of configuration_key MODULE_BOXES_BANNER_SET_DISPLAY_PAGES by removing article_info.php and articles.php from the configuration_value field, leaving only index.php (with no semi-colon) in that field. Save your changes and exit. I hope that in some future release of osC and Article Manager the developers will get the Boxes/Banner Set filter working properly with Article Manager.
  2. don0don

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi, everyone. I am hoping one of the experienced Article Manager gurus will have seen this problem before: on our beta site (http://mantra.pc-handyman.net), we have successfully installed Article Manager v. 1.1. However, we are running into a problem with the Boxes filter (specifically the Banner Set) not properly restricting the display of Banners to only the Home page (index.php). Despite the fact that the articles.php and article_info.php pages are deselected under "display on pages" (the only page selected is index.php), the Banners are showing up on both the articles.php page and on article_info.php. We have inserted a bit of code to remove them from articles.php, but we have not inserted an exception on article_info.php. The reason for this is that when we inserted the exception on the articles.php page, it caused the "Welcome Guest!..." message to pop up on the Home page, the articles.php page and the article_info.php page. We have gotten rid of the "Welcome Guest!..." message, but the Boxes filter still isn't properly restricting the Banners to just the Home page. Has anyone successfully solved this problem of the Boxes filter not working properly with Article Manager 1.1? Thanks, in advance, for your help.
  3. don0don

    Article Manager v1.0

    Ahh ... I see. Is Seo Urls 5 supposed to be creating SEO friendly URLs for the articles, then? If so, where do I find them?
  4. don0don

    Article Manager v1.0

    I'm happy to report that, with the help of my host admin, we got the photo upload feature working. The problem was that PHP was running as an Apache module on the host, so it wouldn't allow writing to 755 files and folders. Once we switched it to run PHP as a FastCGI module, the uploads worked. The article URL creation still isn't working. Now, you say Article Manager doesn't create any URLs ... Well, I'm pretty confused, then ... at the bottom of the create new article page, below the box in which you put the content of the article, is a field labeled "Article URL". What is the point of having that field if it isn't to create an SEO friendly (and user-friendly) URL for the article? And what's that link at the bottom of every article that invites the reader to click the article's address for more information. (And, by the way, how do I get rid of that line ... I'd prefer not to have it.) The version of Article Manager we have is 1.57_7. Thanks!
  5. don0don

    Article Manager v1.0

    The /httpdocs/images/article_manager_uploads/ folder was created at the time Article Manager was installed. It has 755 permissions. For some reason, the images aren't being uploaded into the folder.
  6. don0don

    Article Manager v1.0

    The SEO Friendly option is turned off in the store settings. And I disabled Seo Urls 5 -- and created a new article. Articles Manager still didn't create the SEO friendly URL I assigned the new article../about_satyabhama.html.
  7. don0don

    Article Manager v1.0

    This is my first time visiting this forum. Can you please tell me where to find the "instructions" you mentioned, where I can find the name of the images folder that should have been created. Thanks.
  8. don0don

    Article Manager v1.0

    The problem with the Information Pages add-on is that it allows you to manage additional pages through the Admin interface, but it doesn't actually generate the pages—you have to create the pages manually. And, as far as I know, you can't use a WYSIWYG editor with it, either. As to the page I created with the Articles Manager: it is set to published, status active, blog status inactive (it isn't a blog article—commenting and reviews aren't enabled), the date expected field was left blank, sort order is set to 1. I tried uploading an image to accompany the article—it didn't upload. I put a four-word description in the Meta Description field and the text for the article in the article content field. I then typed the SEO friendly URL I wanted into the Article URL field—mantra.pc-handyman.net/about_namadeva.html. My programmer discovered the page was created and has this URL: http://mantra.pc-handyman.net/article_info.php/about-namadeva-a-2 It also appears on the articles.php page, but not in the "Articles" sidebar on the left of the Home page. (We have removed the sidebar, as we don;t want to use it.) My questions are: why wasn't the article assigned the SEO friendly URL? And why wasn't the photo uploaded? I need to be able to add links to the pages I create with the Articles Manager to my nav menu, so I need to be able to identify the correct URLs for the links. Thanks.
  9. don0don

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi! I am a webmaster for a new osC v2.3 site currently in development: http://mantra.pc-handyman.net Our programmer has installed Aricle Manager 1.57_7. We will be using this to generate additional non-product-related content pages for the site, such as our "About ..." page, FAQ page, etc. — we will not be using it to post blog articles, so commenting and "reviews" will be disabled. I am having a problem: I created my first Topic "About Pages" and my first article "About Namadeva" within that topic. I assigned it the URL http;//mantra.pc-handyman.net/about_namadeva.html. The article shows up in the Article Managers admin interface, but the page seems not to have been created, and it doesn't appear in the "Articles" list on the left sidebar of the Home page. How do I go about troubleshooting this problem? Thanks!
  10. don0don

    Event Calendar/Schedulers in Action

    Thanks, DunWeb ... Perhpas someone else may know of one or two.
  11. I would like to see examples of the output generated by the Event Calendar and the Event Scheduler add-ons, in order to compare them. Can anyone point me to osC sites using these add-ons so that I can see them in action? Thanks!