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  1. Ah Ha, I will do it, Thanks for explaining it.
  2. There is the question, how do I add the price groups in the first place
  3. So, may I take from the absence of any reply that there is no way to add more groups. I really don't wish to rewrite the code. hmmmmmm poopy assistance requested. you might ask, why would I need 10 groups. well honestly I don't know, I am doing this for a "friend" and that is what they want. Friends suck Boogie boo boo ( o )( o ) ( y )
  4. Grasshopper, one thing, you do the primary key change in MySql, you must remove the old primary key, then make the new primary key. wow what I just typed is vague. it just sounds like to me that you are not doing this in the right place. the MySql is the database, its separate from PHP aspect. let me see if I can be clearer. you go into your mysql database administration, get into the structure of your database, find the correct table. then you want to edit that table, the primary key is indicated by an underline of the name of the field. Below the fields is where you can edit the primary key, what you want to do is drop the primary key, then go back up to the fields and assign the proper field as primary. Do this and you will be allowed to attempt to snatch the rock from my hand. Boogie boo boo :-" ( y )
  5. I need to add 10 pricing groups, How do I add this. please don't tell me I have to configure the entire install for this. I have done a key word search on this question, found one person asking this, but there has not been a reply. boogie boogie boo :P ( o )( o )
  6. if you go back to the contributions page where you got the separate pricing per customer, it has directions on what you should do to fix that error. it works.
  7. I will, thank you. I just realized I am using an older version of the program and I am in the process of upgrading.
  8. Now I tried this however it does not work, maybe someone can tell me why, I placed this code into the checkout_confirmation.php and deleted the shipping module section. I am no programer wiz, so if this looks bad its probably because it is. lmao, well your help will be apprieciated $first_grad = 25; $first_grad_cost = 5.95; $second_grad = 40; $second_grad_cost = 6.95; $third_grad = 55; $third_grad_cost = 7.95; $fourth_grad = 70; $fourth_grad_cost = 8.95; $fifth_grad = 85; $fifth_grad_cost = 9.95; $sixth_grad = 200; $sixth_grad_cost = 10.95; $greater_grad_cost = 12.95; if ($total_cost <= $first_grad) { $shipping_cost = $first_grad_cost; } elseif ($total_cost > $first_grad) { If ($total_cost <= $second_grad) { $shipping_cost = $second_grad_cost; } elseif ($total_cost > $second_grad) { if ($total_cost <= $third_grad) { $shipping_cost = $third_grad_cost; } elseif ( $total_cost > $third_grad) { if ($total_cost <= $forth_grad) { $shipping_cost = $forth_grad_cost; } elseif ($total_cost > $forth_grad) { if ($total_cost <= $fifth_grad) { $shipping_cost = $fifth_grad_cost; } elseif ($total_cost > $fifth_grad) { if ($total_cost <= $sixth_grad) { $shipping_cost = $sixth_grad_cost; } elseif ( $total_cost > $sixth_grad) { $shipping_cost = $greater_grad_cost; } } } } } }
  9. I am constrained by my dropshipper who basis his shipping costs on the price of purchase. However unfair I think this is, I am limited by their policy. I could write the program itself for this module, however, I am weary of creating errors in the overall program's function, and tracking down all the variables I would need to make such a module function. If there is such a shipping cost module already in existance I would appriciate obtaining it. If there does not exist such a module, then if I can be given instruction on which parts of the overall program I need to make changes and which variable I must use in creating a module for myself Thank you for any assistance. Sincerely. Joe