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    USPS Shipping Labels

    looks like state needs to be the abbreviation (as @@dsolutions has stated); i'm not 100% decided on how i'll do this, but in some fashion, need to take the billing state name and get it's abbreviation to place in the form. Thank you SO MUCH, Wes ...
  2. Gary Heitman

    USPS Shipping Labels

    hello; new to this forum, but unfortunately familiar with this issue. i've inherited support for store built from oscommerce, and yesterday, shipping labels stopped working. after some review of how things were working, i see that the form, form fields, etc. have changed. looks now like a multi-part form, etc. has anyone experiencing this problem looked into stamps.com (comes with oscommerce module) or another way to produce USPS labels for orders? is anyone working on a fix for this module, and in need of help testing, etc.? thanks - gary