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    Free Product Checkout Module (Bypass Payment)

    Thank you!!! It works wonderful. I am working with a page that only needs to ask pro prices, so these contrib helped me a lot. Does any one, have the idea how to insert a comment box on the last step (checkout_confirmation.php), and these comment insert in mail, which we receive from the server. Cause I could insert the comment box, but I don't get the message. Thank you again!
  2. Thanks for these Contrib! I find two issues, if anyone know how it get them fixed would be awesome. - When the Guest finish the checkout, it "session" is still open. It will be very helpful that when the Guest finish the checkout, the last click work like a logoff. - At the check out, if the guest doesn´t select a Payment Method and click "continue", it goes nowhere. It would be very useful for the guest, if a error message appear.. Thank you again! :D
  3. thank you Jim! I used your first solution
  4. THANK YOU!!! really fast answer! it works!
  5. First of all, I want to say that these contrib is awesome!!! Thank you! Could anyone help me? I´ve these problem, I want to separete the Accordion Box to the other boxes. I can add a "padding-bottom" but I don´t get a good proportion