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  1. SudoHacks

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Nevermind, sorted my problem out... Somehow, not sure...
  2. SudoHacks

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hey Folks, Trying to get this contrib up and running but seem to be having a similar problem that I see others are having. Haven't found a solution yet though... OS Com 2.3.1 using the newest version of the contrib Seems to have installed fine, I don't get any missing include errors. When I add a new product I noticed the following message below price: "Save Product before adding options" I save my product and come back to edit it and I don't see any Attribute options. Under price is "Products Description". Is there any other trick I need to do in order to properly activate this contrib? Or can anyone recomend a contrib that allows me to select Attributes on product entry? Thanks!
  3. Hey Folks, I believe I have successfully integrated Moneris's eSelectPlus module into OS Commerce 2.3.1, however there is an issue with the error messages. I love the irony... When I process the order and everything is perfect it seems to go through fine. However when I make some errors in the CC info, like invalid expiry date, or invalid cc number etc. There is a problem outputting the error message. Instead of getting the proper error message I get the following: "MODULE_PAYMENT_MONERISCAMPG_TEXT_ERROR" This can be seen in the following html source: <div class="contentText"> <strong>MODULE_PAYMENT_MONERISCAMPG_TEXT_ERROR</strong> <p class="messageStackError">MODULE_PAYMENT_MONERISCAMPG_TEXT_ERROR</p> </div> This seems to be the revelant function found in: moneriscampg.php function get_error() { global $HTTP_GET_VARS; if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['ErrMsg']) && (strlen($HTTP_GET_VARS['ErrMsg']) > 0)) { $error = stripslashes(urldecode($HTTP_GET_VARS['ErrMsg'])); } elseif (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['error']) && (strlen($HTTP_GET_VARS['error']) > 0)) { $error = stripslashes(urldecode($HTTP_GET_VARS['error'])); } else { $error = MODULE_PAYMENT_MONERISCAMPG_TEXT_ERROR; } return array('title' => MODULE_PAYMENT_MONERISCAMPG_TEXT_ERROR, 'error' => $error); } Any suggestions? This is a bit of showstopper. Thanks!
  4. SudoHacks

    Moneris, eSelect plus

    Hi There, I am in the same situation, I use Moneris/eSelect Plus as my payment gateway. Has anyone had any success getting this working in 2.3.1? Thanks!