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    al3ks got a reaction from gadlol in Alternative Administrator Categories/Products Page Addon (jQuery, ajax edit)   
    The new features seem really cool, looking at the screenshots I can't wait for the new version!
    Currently using the first version and it's great.
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    al3ks reacted to gadlol in Alternative Administrator Categories/Products Page Addon (jQuery, ajax edit)   
    Hello this is the support forum for
    Alternative Administrator Categories/Products Page Addon (jQuery, ajax edit)
    by gadlol
    Author: John Barounis - www.jbaron.gr
    The first version http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8317 has some bugs that are fixed in the new upcoming version 0.2 .
    Version: 0.2:
    New features:
    Abillity to choose what column to display (image, model, quantity, tax class, weight, manufacturer e.t.c.)
    View edit product description (using ckeditor)
    Product preview dialog while editing description (before even submit any changes)
    Cool attributes system
    language select
    count products
    count subcategories
    choose what products to display from: in stock - out of stock - both
    basic editing
    Manufacturer selection by select menu
    Tax class selection by select menu
    Add sort ordering to buttons (jquery ui sortable)
    and much more

    Improved code:
    Now using sessions
    Dry code
    Removed unused files and folders

    Have a look at some screenshots i took:
    It will take me some time to release version 0.2 because I am just fixing some bugs and cleaning the code...
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    al3ks got a reaction from gabrieli in [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes   
    Use phpMyAdmin and in your database you should find a table called "discount_codes" that will open a list of all discount codes you made, delete the row with the discount code you want to get rid of.
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    al3ks reacted to 14steve14 in Sitemap SEO   
    Glad you got it working. it took me ages to find that when i had installed it.
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    al3ks reacted to FWR Media in Product listing   
    KissIT Image Thumbnailer
    Compatibility: PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4 ( PHP 4 or ancient versions of PHP5 will NOT work )
    osCommerce 2.2
    osCommerce 2.3.X
    Main Benefits:
    Images should never be resized by the browser/html/javascript as this is EXTREMELY slow. Supplying the browser with correctly scaled images will speed up the loading of image rich osCommerce shops dramatically.
    Being a KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) contribution this installs extremely quickly and with minimal core file changes.
    KissIT thumbnails any and all osCommerce images where the image dimensions are not equal to the image output dimensions.
    PHP image manipulation functions are very heavy on resources, KissIT is optimised to only use such functions when thumbs are first created, after which no such functions are used again. Ensuring that KissIT provides the best possible performance.
    In osCommerce 2.3.1 product pages the gallery system ( bxGallery ) uses both browser and javascript resizing, KissIT improves this greatly by providing much smaller thumbnails.
    Please note: KissMT will only deal with images where the correct osCommerce wrapper function is used ( tep_image() ) and where numeric width and height are passed into the wrapper.
    Contribution location: KissIT Image Thumbnailer
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    al3ks reacted to sembrouille in Shipping in cart   
    Box Shopping:
    in /includes/functions/general.php
    $text_fdp_sboxe = '<span class=msgfdpgratuit>' . sprintf(TEXT_REST_FREE_SHIPPING, $currencies->format($fdp_reste_sboxe)) . ' ' . $currencies->format(0) .'</span>';
    $text_fdp_sboxe = '<span class=msgfdpgratuit>' . sprintf(TEXT_REST_FREE_SHIPPING, $currencies->format($fdp_reste_sboxe)) .'</span>';
    For the text:
    in /includes/languages/english.php
    You can change the text in:
    define('TEXT_REST_FREE_SHIPPING', 'The text that you like ...');
    ************************************************** ***********************
    Shopping cart:
    in /includes/fdp_panier.php
    $text_fdp_scart = sprintf(TEXT_REST_FREE_SHIPPING, $currencies->format($fdp_gratuit_scart)) . ' ' . $currencies->format(0);
    Replace :
    $text_fdp_scart = sprintf(TEXT_REST_FREE_SHIPPING, $currencies->format($fdp_gratuit_scart));
    For the text:
    in /includes/languages/english.php/shopping_cart.php
    You can change the text in:
    define('TEXT_REST_FREE_SHIPPING', 'The text that you like ...');
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    al3ks reacted to DunWeb in In stock reminder addon?   
    That would be the default product notification column box. If the customer requests for changes to a product, even the stock....the customer is notified.
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    al3ks reacted to skipwater in Contribution Issue   
    Under admin page manger you should have a index page already there all you have to do is add the text you want.
    This is how your index page should look.
    This is page manager: Displays page manager text
    echo $page_check[pages_html_text];
    This is New Products: Displays Products that meet new status.
    This is Upcoming Products: Displays Products that meet upcoming status.

      <!-- page manager -->         <tr>            <td class="main"><?php echo $page_check[pages_html_text]; ?></td>          </tr>                  <tr>            <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?></td>          </tr>          <tr>            <td><?php  include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_NEW_PRODUCTS); ?></td>          </tr> <?php    include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_UPCOMING_PRODUCTS); ?>        </table></td>      </tr>    </table></td> <?php  } ?> <!-- body_text_eof //-->