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  1. Ok, thanks I downloaded the Products Specifications 1.1.11 and it works, at first in admin panel looks all great and I made a test product but that's how it looks on the site: Any ideas what happened? Anyway thanks for the help so far :)
  2. I'm not sure what you mean, my oscommerece version is 2.3.1 and i actually downloaded it before from the link you gave me.
  3. Hi everyone, I Have instlled this contribution on my site and I Have a problem. When I try to log in to osc admin i get an error as well as when tring to access the site. The error is: Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_draw_button() in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ampps\www\oscom\includes\header.php on line 27 Any one can help, please?