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  1. Search box delete the words under it

    Hi daanessels If you want to remove the "Nieuwe artikelen" (What's New) box , it is an Admin (administratie ? ) option in Modules, Boxes (Dozen ?). Select it from the options shown "Nieuwe artikelen", click it, edit it to make it "False". It will be removed from the side column. Same if you also want to remove the "Snelzoeken" (Search) box. Hope this is what you need - had to use Google Translate for some words here :-) ... cheers Nev
  2. And as I just found out - a renamed file (eg paypal_expressOLD.php) in /includes/modules/payment/ will also disallow the install button .. cheers, Wal
  3. Not helpful to you beercityhooligan, but I have the same problem. No answer for you, but will watch for any help reply from your post.. cheers Nev