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  1. Wal

    Hi KG

    Just installed the files for your Categories Navbar Module on my Phoenix V1.0.5.0 trial site but can't see how it's enabled.

    It doesn't appear in the navbar by default and it doesn't seem to be anywhere in Admin that I can find.

    Where am I going wrong ??

    cheers Nev

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    2. kgtee


      Did you come to this area to install and then enable the module?


    3. Wal



      Did you come to this area to install and then enable the module?

      Hi again KG .. All good - I installed the files in a clean new shop as a trial and everything works fine.

      It just means there's an issue with the play shop that wasn't evident before and having no functional impact - I'll just go straight to the live shop now and install there and expect all will be fine .. 

      Thanks again for a great addon - and for your help here when the problem was all mine .

      cheers Nev

    4. Wal


      And 5 mins later - installed on live site - working perfectly

      Again - thank you

      cheers Nev

  2. Hi Zahid Thank you for the quick reply, and yes there is more to worry about there in the UK as well as here in Oz and the rest of the world !! Your fix is good, and I don't mind editing a bit of code (with instructions 😀) - I needed to modify the menu css anyway as I have many categories and they didn't all fit on screen - all good now with just a font size change..Thanks again - stay safe cheers Nev
  3. Hi Zahid Have been looking for a way to make the Phoenix side menu responsive (like the Admin menu - click open, click close) so will try your new menu instead. Does it work with sub-categories ?? Will install and find out today on my trial site... It looks good either way - thank you. cheers Nev
  4. Not helpful to you beercityhooligan, but I have the same problem. No answer for you, but will watch for any help reply from your post.. cheers Nev