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  1. Wal

    Add a box to left navigation

    mroyusa You can try the Banner Box add-on https://apps.oscommerce.com/161ub to see if that is suitable for you.. cheers, Wal
  2. Wal

    How Do I Edit "Contact Information" Page?

    gilthunder As Dan said, you will need to download /catalog(your shop name on the server)/includes/languages/english/conditions.php from your server, locate the text and change it with a text editor ( eg Notepad ), then upload it to the same folder again. Any change is immediate so you can just check your contact page online to confirm it is the way you want it. There isn't a built-in content editor in Oscommerce, so editing the php files is usually the only way. Filezilla (https://filezilla-project.org/) is a good, free FTP client for down/uploading files on your server... (also helpful for regular backups)... If your web hosting has access via cPanel, you can readily access and modify the files there, and Filezilla won't be needed. Hope this helps as well cheers, Wal
  3. And as I just found out - a renamed file (eg paypal_expressOLD.php) in /includes/modules/payment/ will also disallow the install button .. cheers, Wal
  4. Not helpful to you beercityhooligan, but I have the same problem. No answer for you, but will watch for any help reply from your post.. cheers Nev