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  1. I've been searching pretty hard for what I'm about to describe and haven't had any luck, but something tells me this has been done before. I wanted to design an "ad group" in the admin section of OSC that would allow you to create a group and choose products to be in that group similar to the Specials section. The difference being it would produce some javascript or some other code that would produce the output (which you can copy/paste to use). Kind of like a Google Ad. The front-end would basically pull a product from the group at random, and display it dynamically wherever the code is used. This would be an easy way to push products on other websites without having to statically change the content on all outside websites. I'm going to tackle this project but was hoping there was a contribution that I can use without having to recreate the wheel. Many thanks in advance for any help. Chris
  2. horizon70s

    Table Rates & Decimals - What's the Conflict?

    I found out the problem here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...8&st=0&p=561936 Under Configuration > Shipping/Packaging I changed the package tare weight to "0" along with the increase. Works fine now, but too bad it took me this long to figure it out. :blush:
  3. I've been doing a lot of searching for this as I hate to ask a redundant question, but to my surprise I find very little on it here. Here is what I'm witnessing. I'm currently using "Indiv. Shipping Price" and it works alright for single item orders, but the shipping adds up to high too fast for multiple item orders. We would like to use the "Table Rate" based on weights. We have a lot of small, light items and a common weight we use is 0.49 that has a cost of $3.85. So here's the problem...when I test it and go to checkout, it doesn't recognize the decimal. It thinks it's 4 lbs and so it's spitting out a $16.50 value (our cost for 4 lbs. in shipping). And if I add, say, a couple more to make it a value of 1.47 in weight...it's not calculating the correct weight. Am I the only one who has a table rate that doesn't work? I'm assuming there has to be documentation on this somewhere? Many thanks in advance if anyone can help us out.
  4. horizon70s


    I have a problem with my Authorize.net that's been causing problems for awhile now. I keep getting customers with problems with their cards being declined so I tested it myself this morning. I logged in, tried to buy a test product and I noticed my old address was still in my profile. I changed the billing and shipping address on the order to ensure it only ships to the new address, but it keeps saying my card is declined. I went into Authorize.net VT and noticed that OSC is still somehow passing the old address as the billing address, even though on the last step of the process it says it's billing the new address. Anyone have any ideas why or how this is happening?
  5. horizon70s

    cieto Featured Products 2.5 MS2

    Has anyone been able to pick apart the changes in the admin/categories.php file? I've got too many mods and I can't tell of the subtle changes.
  6. horizon70s

    Order Email using HTML

    When translated it comes out to jibberish...and it claims it only works after the 5/29/03 snapshot (mines in march). I'm going to keep trying anyways, as I can't have a shop without this. Are you aware if this requires changes to the DB? Can't make that out in the install file.
  7. horizon70s

    Order Email using HTML

    I'm in need of an html email interface. When using drop shipping arrangements, the drop shipper can simply print out the email and send with the product. I have found two contributions, but both help files are in French. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1091 http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1275 Does anyone know of an engish version or whether or not there's another solution available?
  8. I use phpbb, and recently I made this change to my forum: #-----[ OPEN ]------------------------------------------ includes/sessions.php #-----[ FIND ]------------------------------------------ global $SID; if ( !empty($SID) && !eregi('sid=', $url) ) #-----[ REPLACE WITH ]------------------------------------------ global $SID, $HTTP_SERVER_VARS; if ( !empty($SID) && !eregi('sid=', $url) && !strstr($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] ,'Googlebot') && !strstr($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] ,'slurp@inktomi.com;')) Since I'm new to oscommerce, and haven't dabbed into the code yet, but this has enabled my entire forum to get crawled when it couldn't before. Maybe this will apply here.