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  1. Thanks @@kymation - has that one been removed as i cannot find it?? Could you send me a link to it if its still there please. Thanks
  2. Thanks @@kymation however i dont have that file in the download, i only have firstitemplus.php??? Have I got thw wrong download? I couldnt see another - it was the very original one i downladed from 2004 it was dated I think? Hpe you can assist as this module seems just what i need. Thanks
  3. Thanks @@kymation However I have looked for the info that needs updated for PHP 5.3 compatibility - it says its on line 46 but i cant even find it on the page????
  4. Thanks @@DunWeb, i may have to give up as i dont know enough to updat myself and not a big enough business yet to provide funds to pay someone :(
  5. Hi wondered if anyone could tell me in layman terms how i need to modify this - so it is 2.3.1 compatible. Thanks
  6. Have tried installing the add on suggested but it does not work can anyone advise what i have to modify to make it 2.3.1 compatible
  7. @@DunWeb thank you for replying - so with this one i can have different prices for different products and also have different prices for additional items??? What would I need to modify for this to work with 2.3? Sorry to be a pest I am a total noob with all this.
  8. Hi there, I am very new to this - only last few days so please bear with me if I am asking an idiotic question. I am attempting to set up a website for my very small business. I dont plan on having lots of different product categories maybe about half a dozen at the most. Currrently I have 2 - plaques and coat pegs. What I wanted to fo was have my plaques and £2.99 shipping for 1st item and then 50p for every extra plaque after that. I however wanted the coat pegs to be £3.75 shipping with so much extra for any others. I am however struggling to find how to do this - is it possible???? My oscommerce is version 2.3.1 which I cannot find many compatible add ons modules etc. Please please can anyone help, I want to provide a professional finish to my webpage, but cannot for the life of me figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my apologies if this is posted in thw wrong place or has been asked before. Thanks Cheryl :)