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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think I have figured out what's happening. The shipping "name" that is used in google checkout is hard coded with a weight of 0 LB for Fedex and 0.1 LB for USPS. So that's what shows shows up as the customer's selected shipping option and weight. The actual weight IS used for the shipping calculations, it just doesn't show up as it would on a normal order. I removed the hard coded weight from the text string "name" to avoid confusion. Thanks again, Dave
  2. Hello All, I have 1.45A installed and working, with only 1 problem. The problem is with merchant supplied shipping rates. Google ignores my product weight and always returns 0.1 pounds as the shipping weight. Consequently, the rates returned by Fedex and USPS are way too low, compared to the actual shipping cost. Any thoughts on where I might start looking for this problem? Thanks, Dave
  3. dskl

    Add Cc Logos To Dropdown Box?

    Hi All, I recieved this from Discover on April 27, 2007: I've tried a couple of different methods to do this, but all I get is the HTML link source code added after the CC name in the dropdown list. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  4. dskl

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hello all, Great contrib, and it worked fine for me for awhile. Something has gone wrong somewhere as many abandoned carts show up with no description or price. The quantity is there though. I upgraded from 1.5 to 2.2 to see if it would help, but no joy. I noticed a post a few pages back with the same problem, no answer though. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Dave
  5. dskl

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Hi all, I'm having an unusual problem. About a week ago I started having a problem with the printing of labels. I don't get any errors returned, and a tracking number is assigned to the .png file. The .png file gets created but it has a size of zero bytes. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks, Dave www.light-stick.us