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  1. hostanything

    Usa Epay Database issues

    Bob, I followed your instructions and it works perfectly. Thank you very much.. up until today I was processing everything manually. Regards, Wayne
  2. Hi Everyone, I have the contribution installed and I'm having a problem with selecting images. Everytime I try to choose an image for a product I get the following error and it will not select the image. I can view the images when selecting them on the left site (they appear on the right) but when I choose ok I only get "http://" in the box where the image url should be. If I manually type in the url to the image it will still show as broken when previewing. Any Suggestions?
  3. hostanything

    USA ePay Payment Module?

    I've followed the modules directions but when trying to select card type I get "Array" regardless of what I select. Has anyone had this problem? Credit Card Test Info: CC#: withheld Expiry: Any Enable USAePay Module True Transaction Key withheld Transaction Mode Test Card Types Array Payment Zone --none-- Set Order Status Processing Sort order of display. 0 Wayne