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  1. hmm...seems to me if they *really* wanted your business they would help you out... to me it sounds like a case of "we have so many custmers we really don't care if one or twelve are unhappy..."
  2. allows me to enter my cost and a markup?
  3. I like the all-products approach..use the 'printable catalog' contrib as kind of a template and add checkboxes (similar setup to the multi-move contrib), then have an 'add all' button at the bottom (or possibly configurable to have it every so often depending on how many products the store has) - then the customer just scrolls through, checks off the products he/she wants and then just clicks 'add all to cart' and is then taken to the normal checkout with all products added to the cart.
  4. I've tried 'Enhanced vendors' but after trying many things and searching this forum for hours and hours I finally ended up having to dump it because it simply does not work... Basically what I am looking for is something that will allow me to show the vendor's model #s and prices on the admin side and possibly generate a seperate list with the vendor info on it. I would try to write it myself..but I'm still in the process of learning PHP and not quite that far into it yet...
  5. vcache

    printable catalog

    umm..your supposed to put a link for it...the instructions show you how to put it into the information box
  6. vcache

    Catalog products PDF reports

    Does any know why some entries look like this: And some look like this: I would really like to be able to use this...but if I can't get this fixed then I just can't use it because it looks very unprofessional...
  7. Has anyone actually been able to get the 'enhanced vendors' contrib to actually work? if so I could really use some help...otherwise I'll just have to accept that it doesn't work and reverse the changes I made for it.
  8. vcache

    Catalog products PDF reports

    My problem with this is that some products come out formatted correctly...and some the descriptions are just bunched together...
  9. vcache


    hmm...has the author of this contrib gone awol?
  10. vcache


    I'm also havng a problem with it...all my images are in .jpg format yet it's not showing all of them...
  11. vcache


    seems like it's saying it can't find the directory Did you create a '/catalog/catalogue' directory?
  12. vcache

    PayPal IPN?

    I am having a bit of a problem getting paypalipn to work... I have: made the necessary changes to the files via the handmade method enabled ipn in my paypal account copied the new files to their appropraite places but when I send a test I get: so I tried making sure all the fields in the test have something in them and I get: I would really like to use this contrib but I can't get it working...
  13. vcache


    forgot to say...but I do have the ipn enabled in my paypal account and have the URL pointing to the php_notify.php file
  14. vcache


    ok..I got the class problem fixed (re-uploaded all the paypalipn php files and it start working)... now when I send a test, I get a new error... Error: no $paypal_response received. any ideas?
  15. vcache


    Hi Greg! I'm having a problem with version 0.971 (first time using a contrib...first OSC setup). I followed the directions for the hommade part as I have made quite a few changes from the stock OSC (not major structure changes or anything..just lots of text definition changes, image changes etc) and now I'm getting this error... Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class paypalipn in /homepages/21/d93868703/htdocs/Tools/catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypalipn.php on line 15 I fixed a couple other problems I was having with it (such as it showing the definition names rather than the values...) but I'm not sure how to fix this...:( any help would be appreciated...