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  1. Hi, I have phoenix 1075, in the admin customer page i added customer notes to the option area, my question is how do i change the one line input_field for Notes into tep_draw_textarea_field (multiple lines enter field) which file and what code do I modify? Any help or suggestion is appreciated, thanks! Lyn I learn a lot from the osC forum, I have upload new addon Extra Customer Field for Phoenix 1075+ which explain how to add new customer field, as Phoenix 1075+ has template, customer_data_group, etc which are very different to previous phoenix serials, BS, osC2.3 and osC2.2 version. Share my learning and hope that can help others!
  2. ce7


    #1 login to admin #2 Select Configuration Tab #3 Select My Store #4 Select Email Address / Edit Send Extra Order Emails To (You can add extra email address(es) to other email address accounts)
  3. ce7

    Where to buy templates for Phoenix?

    I installed few addons on my Phoenix 1075 websites that help to change the looks JcM More New Themes Header Tags-V1.1 JcM Color Tweak V1.1 Phoenix CSS Editor
  4. hi I have Phoenix 1075 version, most of time using firefox, if put if full screen, there is no problem, but if in a certain small screen size, it will show the categories / product name or link in the infobox not in a complete word by word Chrome even worse, doesn't matter full screen or not, show the words in parts (below image is Chrome not full screen, infobox link, eg Conditions break into Condition s of Use) and when Chrome is full screen, the infobox works ok, but the categories card name all show up not in complete words... Can someone please explain why this happen and how to fix it? Many thanks!
  5. hi I have Phoenix 1075, installed addon WYSIWYG CKE Editor edit pages BOOTSTRAP (by @FIMBLE)the info page for privacy, condition, shipping, contact us work great, FYI, if anyone also try to install this addon, as Phoenix has template system introduced, so follow the installation instruction, but put the code for the privacy, condition, shipping, contact us into template/default/includes/pages/conditions.php template/default/includes/pages/contact_us.php template/default/includes/pages/privacy.php template/default/includes/pages/shipping.php the only thing I can not make it work is index page, i tried to put it with tpl_cm_i_customer_greeting.php (text_main also tried, same not showing) echo $customer_greeting; $linuxuk_index_info_query = tep_db_query("select * from linuxuk_edit_page_index where linuxuk_edit_index_language_id = " . $languages_id ); $linuxuk_index_info = tep_db_fetch_array($linuxuk_index_info_query); echo '<br>' . $linuxuk_index_info['edit_index_description']; any help or suggestion is appreciated, thanks!
  6. ce7

    manufacturer image

    hi Jack @Jack_mcs, Thank you very much for reply. after you mentioned it will ignore image, I google and read some posts that said that pull down function only check string. //// // Output a form pull down menu function tep_draw_pull_down_menu($name, $values, $default = '', $parameters = '', $required = false) { $field = '<select name="' . tep_output_string($name) . '"'; if (tep_not_null($parameters)) $field .= ' ' . $parameters; $field .= ' class="form-control">'; if (empty($default)) { if (is_string($_GET[$name] ?? null)) { $default = stripslashes($_GET[$name]); } elseif (is_string($_POST[$name] ?? null)) { $default = stripslashes($_POST[$name]); } } foreach ($values as $value) { $field .= '<option value="' . tep_output_string($value['id']) . '"'; if ($default == $value['id']) { $field .= ' selected="selected"'; } $field .= '>' . tep_output_string($value['text'], ['"' => '&quot;', '\'' => '&#039;', '<' => '&lt;', '>' => '&gt;']) . '</option>'; } $field .= '</select>'; if ($required == true) $field .= TEXT_FIELD_REQUIRED; return $field; } so is it possible i create function tep_draw_pull_down_menu2 that can show image, do I use <option> </option> so that it can take images? Any suggestion of how to modify the function?
  7. ce7

    manufacturer image

    hi I have phoenix 1075, modified the manufacturer infobox code so that the manufacturer logo/image will show up, $manufacturers_list .= '<a class="list-group-item list-group-item-action" href="' . tep_href_link('index.php', 'manufacturers_id=' . $manufacturers['manufacturers_id']) . '">' . tep_image('images/' . $manufacturers['manufacturers_image'], $manufacturers['manufacturers_name'], $width_manuf, $height_manuf) . '&nbsp;' . $manufacturers_name . '</a>'; however if it is more then 9 manufacturers, it will turn into the dropdown list, even the code for the manufacturers list is with image code but the image will not show up, for the drop down menu code, i have added 'image' => $manufacturers['manufacturers_image'], $manufacturers_array[] = array('id' => $manufacturers['manufacturers_id'], 'image' => $manufacturers['manufacturers_image'], 'text' => $manufacturers['manufacturers_name']); but it is still no image to show up, do i need to change any code for this? how to modify the code so that image in the dropdown list will show up? (ideally image show up on the left of the manufacturer name) $data .= tep_draw_pull_down_menu('manufacturers_id', $manufacturers_array, (isset($_GET['manufacturers_id']) ? $_GET['manufacturers_id'] : ''), 'onchange="this.form.submit();" style="width: 100%"') . tep_hide_session_id();
  8. ce7


    @ecartz Hi Matt, Thank you very much! Yes, after you explained, i found that i upload to the server, updated the product info for real product, so the previous template shinny apple been delete, but the reviews still have the record about shinny apple, now i know i need to delete it completely. Thank you to explain it, good learning for me!
  9. ce7


    hi, i have phoenix 1075, upload to server, somehow one of the domain (the other domains are ok), the image on admin/categories.php not show up, so tested 1077 and found the configuration files cause the problem, so now i have 1075 configuration file with 1077 const syntax, and on the very top, it has code : error_reporting(E_ALL); with this error report code, i fix most of the notices or error messages, except the reviews.php Warning: array_merge(): Expected parameter 3 to be an array, null given in /admin/reviews.php on line 309 $review_info = array_merge($reviews_text, $reviews_average, $products_name); Warning: array_merge(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array, null given in /admin/reviews.php on line 310 $rInfo_array = array_merge($reviews, $review_info, $products_image); Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /admin/includes/classes/object_info.php on line 21 foreach($object_array as $key => $value) { i know that i can just comment out the error report, but if i didn't, how to fix the 3 errors show up on reviews.php file? any help or suggestion is appreciated, thanks! Lyn
  10. hi I have phoenix 1075, when full screen, the navbar works greate however, if i make the the browser smaller size, this is what it looks like so the navbar height will be increased and cover the store logo area, how can i modify (which file) code, to make the header / store logo area not be covered by the navbar? any help or suggestion is appreciated, thanks! Lyn
  11. Hi, I have phoenix 1075 version, the admin/categories.php has code for browse image and select then you can save the product image. echo tep_draw_input_field('products_image', '', 'id="pImg"', 'file', null, 'class="form-control-input"'); echo '<label class="custom-file-label" for="pImg">' . $pInfo->products_image . '</label>'; if i have the images list as dropdown menu, code as below, how can i modify the code below to make the selected image file been saved? echo tep_draw_pull_down_menu('products_image', $drop_array2, 'id="pImg2"'); thanks!
  12. ce7

    how to change Phoenix 1075 CSS?

    Hi, @Heatherbell @14steve14 @burt Thank you for all your replies. I want to change the background of the card buttons area, and the next stage is to change the color of button as well, (special thanks to Steve about the buttons setting....) so all of your replies did help heaps. Although it's JcM addon, I think it is not the addon problem, mainly myself lack of knowledge of how to use firefox css. After I read the stackover posts how to change and save css, redo it couple times and nothing change, and could not understand why....just now read your replies and follow suggestions to clear cache, it did show up the setting I desire, yeah....thank you! Be honest, after read through few forum posts and suggested the custom.css, and user.css, I still quite confused of how and what to do to change the css, I was suggested to use firefox inspector, only this time i finally learned how to change and save.... but i am still in cloud....for example how to manipulate the filter styles or when click on style editor, there are bunch of list of different .css files on the left column..which file to use, and after tried few files and finally figure out which file and how to change it....I guess I am not smart enough to learn the code, but I am trying on my way....😅
  13. hi, I have Phoenix 1075, did not know how to update the CSS...google posts and found out to use firefox inspector, i am using JcM more new themes addon, and select Cyborg-bootstrap.min as template. the firefox inspector that I manage to save the .bg-white { background-color:#565656 !important; /* original #fff;*/ } original style I tried to copy this to user.css, but it did not change anything, I tried to upload the saved changed file /exe/themes/Cyborg-bootstrap.min.css, again it did not change anything neither... My desired style How can I change the color of the btn? any help or suggestion is appreciated, thanks!
  14. ce7

    PI Call for Price Button

    @14steve14 Hi Steve, I don't quite understand the design of Phoenix yet, so don't know how to make it as hooks, all I tried so far is mixed the addons I had been installed, and try to modify the code with other addons so that it show up what I want. So what I tried to do here is borrowed the ideas of Email for Quote & JcM Call for price, but instead of email, put call button when price is 0. And also with your help from other post about the button style btn-block btn-lg 😊 (thanks again!) I would also love to learn about how to make a new addon and share with others for sure.... Spend a lot of time read the forums posts, stackoverflow.com posts, and other related google search results, I did time by time post on my own posts if I found solution myself so that others don't waste time like i did 😂.... (all my posts if i did not post my own solution, a lot of time means I am still struggling with it 😭 but I appreciated a lot the helps from forums general support as I know experts here help us with their own time and ask for no charge, really appreciate to each one who ever helped!)
  15. ce7

    PI Call for Price Button

    after google and read through different posts, i found only <a href tel: > will work, so with $link, i change 'Mob:'. STORE_MOBILE, to 'tel:' . STORE_MOBILE, then it does have the popup screen that choose call apps hope this will help for people who also interesting in making button to have call function...