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  1. hi, @jandg425 Thanks for the addon. had installed Excel Populate for Oscommerce(https://apps.oscommerce.com/9O5mP) on 234.1 Edge version. Can generate the excel files and can opened in the excel file, however, when tried to POPULATE. i have long list of error messages, mainly are about 2 lines in same file. Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 2199023255040 in admin/includes/excel/olerad.inc on line 27 function GetInt4d($data, $pos) { return ord($data[$pos]) | (ord($data[$pos+1]) << 8) | // line 27 (ord($data[$pos+2]) << 16) | (ord($data[$pos+3]) << 24); } Notice: Undefined index: in admin/includes/excel/olerad.inc on line 138 $sbdBlock = $this->bigBlockChain[$sbdBlock]; Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in admin/includes/excel/ /oleread.inc on line 27 Can anyone please help? Thanks! Lyn
  2. @Ragupathy Hi, thank you for the addon. I had installed Featured Video into the 234.1 Edge version. It is working with 1 video upload. However if I insert more then 1 clip, it is still only play the first video. And if I inactive the first video and try to play the 2nd uploaded video, it show the message as "Task Queue failed at step 5: Playlist could not be loaded: HTTP Status 403; Forbidden." Can any one please help to figure out how to play more then 1 videos? The other question: If i can list few videos at the same time, and I like to have the feature video infobox show a link, which link to the page to display all the video like products list that can show as grid list of listing, what file should I modify? Thanks!
  3. Clearance Price addon

    what the code did is that it will show up at the admin/specials, but the status automatically set as red, not showing, so be able to show on front page, have to set it as green. I think need to have code to update, just i dont know how to write the code.... :-( If go admin/specials and delete the specials, it does set the admin/categories.php the price as blank, so I guess this is how it work, not the way I think can modify it back as 0...
  4. Clearance Price addon

    @burt @MrPhil hi, i have 234.1Edge and trying to make the specials be able to modified in categories.php page, i found this old addon "special price input/edit https://apps.oscommerce.com/Yquab", . tep_draw_hidden_field('special_enable', $is_special = isset($spec['specials_new_products_price'])? '1':'0') . ' -> Special: ' .tep_draw_input_field('specials_price', (isset($spec['specials_new_products_price']) ? number_format($spec['specials_new_products_price'],2,'.','') : ''), 'AUTOCOMPLETE = OFF size="10" onKeyUp="updateSpecial();"') .'&nbsp;'; $checked = $spec['status'] ? 'checked':''; echo tep_draw_checkbox_field('is_active', '', $checked, 'no') . 'Enable?' .'</p>' it did work partially....why i said partial is because it can add the number, or %, and show up as specials at the front page, however, it can not set back to 0 / disable from the categories.php something wrong I did or copy the wrong parts of the code? Thanks!
  5. @spooks Thank you for the great addon! I installed it on 234.1 and 234.1CE (BS) version. Repeat the question + new questions: 1. Can add delete functions to be able to delete the folder created and whatever images saved within the folder? how to add the code? 2. Found that the new made folder it will save under images folder, which works great, however, it doesn't seems saved on database, not sure the reason...so how to make it also save into database?
  6. is it BS?

    @BrockleyJohn Hi Thank you for your reply. Yes I set up... For other people who may have the similar problem, check the database tax_class and tax_rate. I think what I did wrong is that I imported the tax class, tax rate, zones, geo_zones from old database, and somehow it mess up. I end up drop the these two database, and insert a new clean on, then manually enter tax class, and tax rate at admin, the problem fixed....lucky it is not the php code from other addons I had installed.... Tar!
  7. is it BS?

    admin / configuration / my store / display product with tax price / set as TRUE, it is the same, even set price with Taxable but it is still not showing Gross price (should be Net price + % tax rate price)..... any one please can help?
  8. @frankl Thank you for this post. In 2009 my first learn about osC, with a little bit c++ program knowledge learn long time ago at school, it took me 6 months to read all the posts, practices to install addons, and finally start a osC shopping cart system. Others suggested me to go wordpress as better and easier to design a beautiful website... I stay with osC as I love the community supports and real free open source concepts! And this post, good title, and explain, steps by steps guides, less then 6 minutes to follow through.....love it and thank you!!! Lyn
  9. is it BS?

    @ArtcoInc @burt hi, spend couple days redo more then 10 addons on 234CE version. Now trying to modify specials modules to something new.... 1. want to be able to enable/disable the module, 2. admin can add/delete/copy the entry 3. after admin add the entries, can show on front page if module enable, have previous and next button, page split... however now facing problems, trying to fix it, but before that I notice one issue, with the product price, has the net price and gross price, and the tax rate not change, taxable goods 10%, for example if enter $100 the net price, it show on admin/categories.php page the gross price is $110, however on the front page, it is not showing $110 instead only $100, i am confused about this, can any help? 2nd question, the new forum, why i can mark the post like but can not mark LOVE as others did? thanks! Lyn
  10. Select Product Image Directory

    @SpicyGirl Thanks for the addon! @MrPhil @Bob Terveuren @badcape It has not been post since 2015, but hopefully this post still have someone reply later. I had installed this addon on the BS version. It works ok, I just wonder, i can add the folder, what if i want to be able to 1. have the selected folder to have a drop down list of all images in that folder. 2. have the ability to select image from the drop down list to delete 3. have the ability to decide which image folder / image sub-folder to delete Not a php programmer, so no idea how to write the proper code to achieve the above mentioned 3 enables.... thanks!
  11. is it BS?

    @ArtcoInc I had tried download from Github before, but the version has problem and I post on forum but can not get fix..... last month found new release on oscommerce site, thought finally has the BS version, i was wrong.... wasted lots of time to install addons over and over....... not moving to other platform because oscommerce has lots of people in the forum to help out, like you now.... Hopefully a champion leader will show up soon for BS version... and hopefully the drag and drop template system will be consider at the same time. once again, thank you!
  12. is it BS?

    @ArtcoIncThank you so much for your reply. Have to start all over again.......whole week work is gone...... thank you again.
  13. @wHiTeHaTThanks for the links. I had download few different BS version, last month i download from oscommerce product page, i thought it should be BS version, but somehow I just notice now after install 12 different addons that the front page not doing any size change.......so i am not sure now what exactly which version I should start all over again.....frustrated!!!
  14. Hi I had download few different BS version from oscommerce or github, spend lots of time to put different addons and always got problem and start all over again. Recently I download from oscommerce product website, i thought this is BS version, but somehow I found that the front page will not change the size when i change the browser..... i just like to confirm is BS version or where can i download the newest BS version, thanks!
  15. Hi. Thanks for the great addon, i had installed the newest version on osc 234.1 version and it works perfectly. It can create the image subfolders, is there a way that i can delete from the admin section if i need to delete the subfolder, instead of login the file manager? Thanks!