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  1. HI all, Ran the sitemap /index.php and came up with this Server Requirement Error: register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration. This can be enabled in your php.ini configuration file or in the .htaccess file in your catalog directory. Help!! Thanks, Dave
  2. I'm currently using STS_templates contribution and a Master_Slave contribution. Will this addon work with these particular contributions?
  3. fosterd

    Master Products - MS2

    Hi all, I have a large store currently using the 'master slave' contribution to show different sizes of costumes. Works brilliantly!! (check out www.justclowningaround.com.au/catalog/) HOWEVER, I am now trying to improve my site's Google ranking and found that I have 43,000 pages because each slave item has it's own new page (ie. I have a master page plus 3 slaves = 4 pages) These pages are seen by Google as duplicate pages and therefore destroys my ranking. So, does anyone know how to get around this problem? Can I "hide" my slave pages from Google somehow?
  4. Hi, I'm currently running EP 2.77a on oscommerce 2.2. I'm also running Master Products but cannot get the two contributions to link together. I have read a few people say they downloaded a 'fix' but I cannot find a recent one...only very old contributions that then delete my new EP features. Can someone point me to the most current 'fix'? Thanks