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  1. Could anyone tell me when I put on a new product how can I use the image given by a url (remote image), either get it an save in my database or everytime access remotely. This page: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4936/page,9 seems to contain an answer. However, I do not understand its instruction how to use. Tha lst instruction said 3. When you create a product using Easypopulate or manually set the image path to: get_product_image.php?id=IMAGENAME.jpg but, when put new product the category.php always ask for a file from my disk. Thank.
  2. so...don't back up, and discard already backup data for those two tables? If I restored these two tables will it cause problems? I undertand whos_online is inmaterial. But how about an out of date session information?
  3. It seems sessions and whos_online tables cannot be backup? Or, will they cause problem if backup? The backup manager utility has red color letters on these two tables. Why?
  4. p.s. the backup manager add-on cannot download backup file as the OSC backup utility. Don't know why.
  5. We are Chinese. You know our characters like Japanese and Korean are called CJK code, or BIG5 code, or more generally UTF-8. I can enter our characters into OSC MySQL database and came out displayed correctly, although if I read in phpMySQL directly, they appears incorrectly like ???? The problem happens when I backup my database. (I tried both the original backup tool and the add-on backup manager, and directly using phpMYSQL) The backup file is also correct, perfect readable in our WIN7 or XP etc. like other files, and my editor told me it is UTF-8. However, when I inject them back into my database using phpMySQL, (The backup add-on simply does not always work.) it came out WRONG. People suggested that I should make the coding method in the table UTF-8 by adding "TYPE=MyISAM CHARACTER SET=utf8" to my CREATE TABLE command. Yes, that make the reading in phpMySQL correct (note, previously this was wrong). But what came out of my webpage is still WRONG. I don't care much about whether phpMYSQL came out right or not, since that is only internal system. But what came out of the webpage is crucial. Actually, don't even care about whether the backup file is readable or not, as long as it can be restored. Anyone knows, how can I get it right? Thanks
  6. I installed a OSC database backup add-on at the beginning when I touched OSC. Which one exactly, I have no idea. But it worked well on my OSC 2.3.1 I have tried to restore my system from database crash. The backup tool appears at the left column of my OSC tools. However, there are problems. 1. If I tried to import the backup file directly from phpMyAdmin I always fail. The error messages said there are some extra, unknow characters. However, if the backup file is used from 2. I have to migrate to another site with the backup. After I reinstalled OSC, I use the backup tool to restore the back up files. Presumably the backup file contains the previous administrator information, directory, etc? I immediate have to re-enter my administrator account. But non of my administrator account can enter the system now. SO, anyone know which back-up tools am I using? How should I recover from such problem?
  7. I remember sommeone wrote an add-on to move multiple products at once to another category. Anyone know which one is that? Thanks.
  8. If I insert review with CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) fonts, the OSC 2.3.1 products review will come out wrong! Is there any add-on or modification for this? I am sure it is not the database problem, but the displaying problem, since the stored text came back right, only the displayed text is wrong. Furthermore, osc said the stored text do not have html translation. That is the problem. Has anyone made modification for products review?
  9. I installed v3 for osc 2.3.1 Strangely, the line if (!is_file($src)) { $src = "../images/no_image.jpg"; } at html_output.php, under catalog/admin/includes/functions, made all my products images disappear. Removing this line the images comes back. The banner on the left top is intacted. This means the test for $src is not a file. Why? My programs are shown http://pastebin.com/JY98xfqk (html_output.php) http://pastebin.com/PLTM9KuV (categories.php)
  10. in the manuel of EP, they suggest using open office which offer other encoding methods, such as UTF-8. However, even with open office I cannot display the downloaded Chinese character properly. I am using OSC 2.3.1
  11. I use extra product fields v3 with osc 2.3.1. the product listing cannot display image file. It seems case 'PRODUCT_LIST_IMAGE': if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'])) { $lc_text = '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'manufacturers_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'] . '&products_id=' . $listing['products_id']) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $listing['products_image'], $listing['products_name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT) . '</a>'; } else {.....} It seems thefirst test of the if statement have some problem Could anyone help? Thanks.
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    Product Extra Field - product list

    I installed extra product fields v3.01 with osc v 2.3.1 But the list came out strangly: peddlerbooks . net76 . net / catalog/index.php?cPath=22_23&language=en There is no product name and the extra fields I added. Furthermore, The "buy now" button came out twice (I disabled one). Could anyone help me to make it nicer. Thanks.
  13. I am also installing extra product field add-on v3.01 with OSC v2.3.1. However, at step 15a ============================== 15a) Around line 704 find the section of code that reads as follows: /* Re-Post all POST'ed variables */ reset($HTTP_POST_VARS); while (list($key, $value) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS)) { ................... ============================== I cannot find these lines. There is no line similar. Could anyone help me?
  14. A book store is not the same as other stores. It need to have at lear 50000 items uploaded. It is unwise to do it manually. In a bookstore, each book is uniquely identified by its ISBN. Once an ISBN is give, other information can be obtained from a library. Therefore, for an oscomerce add-on we need a module to retrieve data from libraries. The owner need only to provide the ISBN and the price. Has anyone written a bookstore oscommerce?