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  1. Just to be clear. I dont claim to remove the other contrib. I only want to post mine and be sure that will not be deleted. I used to install osc and made money with comunity products. this is my first give back to you. Its sad.
  2. Yah, due to rule of 300 K. Im waiting for the 2M package to be approved. But i see a lot of these in contributions. It is that wrong only for me? Sorry, but it weird !
  3. That is the other contributuion Mine its free for ever. Judge for your self: This is mine (just post ir again). http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8370 And this is the one that i point to compare http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7526 Can you see why Im not happy with the moderators? And i doesnt think it any of the two may be deleted, just ask why deleted mine, and not that)
  4. So... Our contribution its alike, but its also free to use android app. But. Our post was deleted. Still not find your reply usefull to undertand what are diferent to remove my contribution. Is not obvious, can you find any diferences to explain why my contribution was deleted ? I cant ! I post it again in contributions. Could you be kind to review and comment what rules it breaks?
  5. Yes i did. And what i see its: I follow the link in contribution and saw the page after redirection. It says (copy and past) Request 30 days trial Purchase license ($29.99) I belive my english is not good enought, but still not get your point. Is this FREE GPL usefull aplication that not SPAMs a commercial service? Are you kiding? :(
  6. Did you see the link to the post in contributions ? It have a link! it is release under GNU? its free? NO ! My post mentioned a GNU and Free app. Thats why i'm asking What is realy the policy. Because what i saw was not fair. I was at lest I was treated unequal way. But was more than that. Was favoring a completely comercial product to one that have a free use. Your reply you miss the point. The point is rules are only for some.
  7. Today Both posts that i made, in forum and contributions about a oscommerce for android package was removed, the only justification i got was: link to site with paid services it is SPAM. But the Contribution is free, and there was a litle emphasis on paid custom services. After dig a litle bit i found with surprise the following addon posted before mine: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7526 This contribution its not FREE! So its SPAM ? This has not deleted why ? so... there is some comercial Aplications that are alowed to pubblish in the forum, and in the contributions, like this one thats basicaly a paid aplication. Thats not fair. Maybe you will delete this post also, its the easy way to handle it. Shame on you moderators !!!
  8. Thanks for reply. Let me understant. I realy dont full remember what I posted here. But as far as I remember i was only offer a free contribution. In fact the site mention paid services if anyone want custom development, but not with strong emphase on that. The main purpose of the site is more give away the information and basic software and help to use, than make money. Your is a acceptable explanation, but to much restricted in the aplication to my case, as I allready follow a lot of links here to more strong emphase to paid services sites. So, after your explanation I belive that if i only post the link for the download, and in the download put the URL for the site for users get more information its good enought to comply with the rules? It is ok for me but a litle bit more hard for the users, because that way need to download to get the url for more informations. By the away this topic should be deleted because it have the same link in the first post. ;) Sorry about my bad english.
  9. May anyone be kind to explain here is my yesterday post about oscommerce for android. If it got deleted by a moderator i supose that he is educated enought to advise me. There is any bug in the forum? As the post go away, and i dont want to key all the info again because some bad formed moderator or forum bug, i only put a link for now. oscommerce-android.com. But would be nice to receive some explanation about the post deletion.