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  1. Hi, I'm trying to set up the cash on delivery fee module to calculate the fee as a percentage rather than a flat rate. My PHP skills aren't quite up to the job though. I understand the flow of the ot_code_fee.php file - to simplify it .... 1) sorts out whether or not a fee should be charged 2) grabs fee from database 3) sets the ot variable for cod fee to the flat amount found in step 2. What I need it to do is change step 2 above to retrieve total order amount so far. Once I've git thta, I think the rest is straightforward. Any kind person able to point me in the right direction? Cheers, Ali.
  2. Thanks for replying so quickly Strider :) It's on a shared hosting package so I don't have any say in what's used PHP wise, but it says in admin that it's : PHP Version: 4.0.6 (Zend: 1.0.6) Linux 2.4.19C9_V MySQL 3.23.56-Max You may well be right about the sort order, it's just that the order hasn't changed since it was working properly (with the exception of the lev_discount module which has since been uninstalled) Discount Coupons 3 Gift Wrap 2 Gift Vouchers (currently not used but I've tried it as 740) Low Order Fee (not used) Shipping 4 Sub-Total 1 Tax 5 Total 6 (also tried 99) The combination of Giftwrap/Coupons has also previously worked properly using these settings. Does this help? Ali :)
  3. Hi, Contribution was installed about 3 weeks ago into the latest snapshot at that time and worked perfectly (not bothered with gv's, only using the discount coupon codes). Noticed today that dcc's no longer work. The box is there - it refuses invalid codes, but if a correct code is entered it just moves onto the checkout_confirmation page with no mention of any discounts. On checking code history report in admin, I can see that the last code was succesfully redeemed on the 28th August (the site is still in development). The sort order etc is 100% correct. OK, so what's happened since the 28th? The site is being rapidly developed, so there are daily changes being made, but the important ones as I see them are .... 1) Around 28th, all shipping, payment modules etc were "lost" - they just vanished. This was fixed by reinstalling the site and moving it to a new hosted server (as I was about to do anyway). 2) The lev_discount module (gives 10% off orders over a certain amount, 20% off a higher amount etc) was installed since then. Can't see how it could interfere with dcc unless the sort order was wrong (which it's not). I've uninstalled this module (as well as the gv and dcc ones) to see if that helps - it doesn't :? I've read through all 19 pages of this thread several times, compared all relevant files to ones from earlier backups and I'm at a complete loss as to what's going on ... I don't know where to look next! Any ideas anyone? Cheers, Ali.
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    I have an affiliate who wants to link to our competition page. The url of this is /catalog/competition.php I tried testing /catalog/competition.php?ref=XX and while this does log any sales as affiliate sales, it doesn't credit them to any of the affiliates. The sales report shows the sale, but the affiliate name is blank. Everything else seems to be working OK. Is there any way to do this? Thanks, Ali www.freelollies.co.uk
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    Mental note to self: don't post on this forum using Opera browser as it seems to post several times! Sorry! Ali. (now using IE)
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    Thanks Henri ... Please don't take my comments the wrong way - they're not intended as criticism at all - the contribution is fantastic! I just wanted to make sure that I had installed it correctly ... :wink: Ali
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    All installed and working great, however a couple of things seem a little strange to me and I suspect it's me that missed something when installing. The summary that the affiliate sees appears to show earnings, clickthroughs etc for all the time since they joined the program, rather than just just the earnings for the current period. Billing works with no problems, but I had expected the summary to revert to zeros again and the payment info just to be transferred into the payment history section. The other thing ... the conversion rate doesn't seem to be calculating properly. Affiliate has 4 clickthroughs and 2 sales (50% conversion?) shows on the summary as 0.5%. This is easy to fix, but I couldn't see any other postings related to it, so again I'm wondering if I missed something when installing. Great contribution though :) Any help appreciated ... Thanks, Ali www.freelollies.co.uk
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    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    Installed Worldpay today and it worked beautifully first time. Thanks ... Dinkydoo! Ali www.freelollies.co.uk
  9. Thanks Paul, that's exactly what I needed to know ... :D I knew there had to be another way was passing all the parameters - I just didn't know what it was. Now I've just got to find out about GET and how to use it. :roll: Google time methinks! Thanks, Ali www.freelollies.co.uk
  10. Okay, day 3 of working on the same piece of code and nearly there, however .... Trying to skip checkout_shipping altogether (I use zone shipping with no options so there's no need for user to select a shipping option - I'm also scrapping the alternative shipping address, therefore no need for the page to be seen at all). checkout_shipping is still needed though to calculate the shipping depending on zone, so I thought the easiest way would be to chop out all the display elements of the page, get it to do what it does and then redirect to checkout_payment. (don't really know much php, so it's been real trial and error). The stage I'm at this morning is that on going to checkout_shipping I have a blank screen apart from the Continue button - click on the button, all is OK - goes to payment etc etc, shipping rates correct. It seems like that until the Continue button is pressed, the shipping rate hasn't been stored - how do I force the "default" shipping (which if there was anything on the screen would be the only one displayed) to be stored before then? Without doing this (ie: just removing the button and replacing it with a redirect) it'll redirect OK but shipping is always 0.00. I hope that makes sense! It's really annoying me now, as it seems such a simple thing that I'm trying to achieve, yet my own lack of knowledge lets me down :oops: Thanks, Ali www.freelollies.co.uk
  11. Thanks - that partially solved the problem, but it also put me on the right track towards fixing it properly :) Just in case anyone else has the same problem .... I had already set the weight of the vouchers as being 0 What I hadn't done was switch on the Free Shipping module via admin :oops: Changing the weight to 1 allowed checkout to proceed normally, apart from the fact that shipping was charged (I use zone shipping). As soon as I switched Linda's Free Shipping on and reset the weight to 0, everything worked perfectly. Cheers, Ali www.freelollies.co.uk
  12. Hi all, I've searched thoroughly for the answer to this, but I'm now admitting defeat and posting a request for help :cry: Installed the current GV contribution (OSC snapshot from December) and it's all working great apart from the fact that customers cannot purchase vouchers. When adding a voucher to the cart (yes, it has GIFT at the beginning of the model no), everything seems OK until you try to checkout. Clicking on the "Continue" button on checkout_shipping just reloads the page - no error message, but no progress either! Anyone got any ideas? Thanks, Ali www.freelollies.co.uk
  13. Just a quick question ... Am I right in saying that oscAffiliate only credits affiliates for sales made during the vistors first session, as opposed to some affiliate schemes where affiliates get credited for sales made during return visits within, say, 14 days? Not a problem either way, but I just want to check :? Thanks, Ali.
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    Thanks everyone - I'll give it a go! :D