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  1. patrocine

    Update 2.3.4 to php 8.3

    I need someone expert in oscommerce 2.3.4 to update the current php version of 5.6, to php 8.0 Send me a private quote please https://github.com/patrocine/OsCommerce-2.3.4-Classic-Marketplace-3.0-Beta
  2. patrocine

    Tracking Maskot.store from 0 Linear billing

    The first problem that arises is the product catalogs, they are very expensive, each product consumes around 5 minutes of work x 1000 products per media store. How can i solve this problem? Of course I already have the solution and I'll tell you a little later if they don't find out.
  3. The affiliate program evolves into the marketplace and this is reconfigured to measure the audiences of all the stores we are connected to in the Marketplace, it's my humble idea... and outside Amazon, ebay, facebook... everyone. .... we do not need a person to sell to a customer who lives 200 meters from my store. It can also be used to work with commercials and commission agents It can be used in many ways and solve problems within your physical and online sales system.
  4. The affiliate program is an important part of the merkaplace, it manages to monitor everything to the millimeter, users coming from facebook campaigns, google ... and also from the visits that arrive through the merkaplace network. Everything can be monitored, from the clicks, to establishing a percentage in the sale coming from a campaign to recover the investment, for example if I spend €100 and recover €60 but I got 12 clients for the campaign, it was a good campaign and we will repeat it soon. https://www.oscommerce-solution.com/affiliates-manager-p-339.html
  5. Hello all¡ Problems with € symbols and other characters like áéíóú appear like this with PHP 5.6 14.00� Informaci�n Does anyone know where it can be adjusted?
  6. patrocine

    addons for old versions

    I found her🧐 https://library.oscommerce.com/Online&en&oscom_2_3&release_notes&v2_3_2
  7. patrocine

    Tracking Maskot.store from 0 Linear billing

    Now the entire store begins to synchronize the stock constantly and quickly, in this new way of working for the merchant it does not matter if the product is registered in stock, when it is sold if the stock is 0 then it would remain in -1, which forces us to deliver 1 unit so that the stock matches. (1 + -1 = 0) at the same time we are adding all the products of the store to the stock (Impossible to make a mistake, all the stock is automatic) Billing is the engine that will synchronize the entire store 100% constantly, 365 days a year, it does not matter if you sell online or not, it is always ready even if you do not sell. Follow this store from time to time you will see how it will change day by day, with new products almost daily, images, descriptions. Hopefully one day the stores I'm doing now can migrate to OsCV4 and I can assure you that these merchants will be looking for the same software features. https://masko.es
  8. patrocine

    addons for old versions

    I need the updates to update my version to 2.3.2 2.3.3 2.3.4 I can't find them https://old.oscommerce.com/
  9. patrocine

    Tracking Maskot.store from 0 Linear billing

    The first 15 minutes when the merchant contacts the program The first thing is to start in Billing Mode, only Product Name, price and the reference travels to the new product page when it is verified that the product does not exist in the database. The users of our merkaplace are the local customers of the stores. https://maskot.store
  10. Hello everyone I'm not a good programmer, that's why this idea took me a long time to create and use it to load a feed of products and order all the products automatically in my merkaplace. Category Rules order products automatically in eaisypopulate.php Category rules have a function to sort products into their categories automatically by parameters in the product information. for example in a fid of 10,000 computer products Condition 1: if in the product name "Laptop Asus" add to the categories Lapto/asus Condition;2 if the product reference starts with "micrsd" add the product to the Cards/Micro Sd folder Condition 3: if the provider's family is "48" add the product to the Gamming Chairs category/ ADVANTAGE New vendor products are already automatically sorted into their category without selecting it. I can change the name categories and move them from places where I want, currently that is not possible, the category is in the product feed and every time you upload it to the system, if it does not find the category, it creates it again. Reconfigure the products in the categories only by renaming the rules. Save but a lot of time in routine functions that you will not have to do anymore from the line 4200 https://github.com/patrocine/OsCommerce-2.3.1-Classic-Empresa-3.0-Beta/blob/main/admin/easypopulate.php
  11. patrocine

    Redirection in new tab javascript

    I already got the code <script language=javascript> window.open('categories.php<? echo '?cPath=' . $categories['parent_id'] . '&action=new_product&ean='.$codigobarras; ?>', '_blank'); </script> If the product does not exist, it automatically opens a new tab for me, I register, close the tab and invoice and invoice the client at the time.