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  1. Hi there, sorry to sound like a dunce here but does anyone know if the latest version of Easy Populate works with v2.2 rc2 as it seems to be playing a few tricks with my products. Cheers
  2. swalsh82

    Need Help Installing and Using Easy Populate

    yes i would appreciate this as well. Im trying to use latest version and it seems to be updating all my prices incorrectly then doing nothing with decsriptions and the like
  3. swalsh82

    Weight measurement issues

    I run an OSC store here http://www.justgolf.com.au/ and have been having issues as well. There is an Australian shipping module which you can easily install but it adds up the shipping when it doesn't need to. I.e. if a customer buys 2 items it will charge them twice for shipping when with most of my products I can combine shipping. Currently I'm just adding the shipping into the total price and advertising it as free shipping. I've also found this which may be of use http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4129