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  1. DigitalFodder

    WorldPay 4.7

    Hi, im having exatactly the same problem. Would anyone with experence or has got this contrib to work please post? Much thanks Mark
  2. DigitalFodder

    Credit Check + Worldpay

    i forgot to mention, i have this contribution installed already http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,882/page,11 with this do for a live shop?
  3. DigitalFodder

    Credit Check + Worldpay

    Hello, Im extremly new to osc and the contributions. Ive got a website at this moment being setup http://www.xtccomputers.co.uk Now, I've got a worldpay account with a barclays merchant account... My question is what CC verification (excluding certan cards i.e.. a pull down list) and what worldpay contribution should i use? What one is the safest / secure? Thanks for your time Mark