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    chinchillapals got a reaction from AZAdrion in help me please need a mod   
    i have a little problem with my shop i have products up and going but it will be a shop with no new products once they are up thats it so what will show in the center in place of the box that says
    New Products For February
    come march there wont be any new products so what mod do i use to replace it i know there is one but i have spent 4 dang days hunting it i tried to add star products i had no problem installing it but it didnt work on the admin side it said the tables didnt exist and i did the sql thing so i dont get what went wrong there but it it did i am good at adding mods but i couldnt get that one to work it was the pimpped one and i cant find the other one and i know there use to be a mod named featured products that replaced the whole thing but i cant find it i can only find the info box one
    please someone help me i dont even want to finnish the discriptions for the products if the center is just going to be empty thanks for any help bye for now ...Tami