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  1. No information seems to be sent to PayPal from the PayPal express checkout. I can make a purchase and click on the big buy now button. (If not logged in it will prompt me to do so). Then I am forwarded to the PP website but I cannot see any details of the transaction. Clicking continue returns me to the checkout page on the OSC with an error message telling me I haven't selected a payment method. I know that the PayPal is returning data to the OSC because I can see my business name in the OSC after I've been through PayPal. This seems to be a similar problem that cda was having before but I'm not sure if his solution really is appropriate. The way I read it, on his site the PayPal express button fails in the same way mine does and then the customer is returned to the OSC where they choose the alternative PayPal method and process the payment that way. I'm not sure which version I am using as I have just taken over this site from someone else so I've included a file marker - $Id: express.php 1803 2008-01-11 18:16:37Z hpdl $