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    [Addon] Categories Accordion Box for 2.3.1

    Ok, I like this add on. It looks better. However, I can't figure a couple of things out. 1. How to change the color of the them. I know you said to use the roll over theme editor, but for some reason that has never worked for me either. 2. The main cats are correct, but all the subs still look the same underneath them. 3. Also, I know we can change the Icons to whatever is on that list, can we change them to any image we want? My wife does graphics, and I know she would want to use her own if possible. My web site so you can see what I am talking about: http://www.RonisRingsNThings.com
  2. Ninety-one Maro

    Enhanced Contact Us for 2.3.1

    @@Mort-lemur I have tried to send emails through the admin control panel, nothing is received. I've even had people here and friends try to send emails through the web site, and still nothing. The email we are using is not the domain email address, it is the one through our internet provider.
  3. Ninety-one Maro

    Enhanced Contact Us for 2.3.1

    Thanks altoid. I thought about the mod thing, but I backup each individual file before installing a mod or anything else. Once I install the mod, if I don't like it, if it doesn't work or whatever, then I can easily replace the file. As for the site host, I am running the server on a dedicated computer at my house right now. Nothing else on the computer but the site.
  4. Ninety-one Maro

    Enhanced Contact Us for 2.3.1

    Checked, and it was set to True. Not sure why we are not receiving customer's emails from the site. Don't know how long this has been going on for. As I stated above, I downloaded this upgrade, but it didn't fix the issue. Plus the wife didn't like the grey background (which we use Mozilla also). She ended up wanting to go back to the original for now, till we can figure it all out.
  5. Ninety-one Maro

    Enhanced Contact Us for 2.3.1

    Ok, I love this upgrade to the site. However I have 2 issues right now. 1. I did this upgrade cause I am not receiving customer emails. After doing the upgrade, I am still not receiving any emails from anyone. 2. How do I get rid of the grey background. I would like to make the background transparent. www.RonisRingsNThings.com if you want to see what I am talking about. I have not changed any of the wording or anything yet, but just want to get it working. Other than that, the site is fully up and running. Just realized I was not getting any emails. Please help.
  6. Ninety-one Maro


    I installed the USPS module. Once I put in the user ID and the password, I got this message in my admin area: You will need to have registered an account with USPS at http://www.uspsprioritymail.com/et_regcert.html to use this module. But putting in that link, doesn't come up with a page. What is going on?
  7. Ninety-one Maro

    store pickup for 2.3.1

    Figured it out, works perfect. Thank you very much. Now if I can just figure out how to get the dang USPS module working, then I can start selling World Wide.
  8. Ninety-one Maro

    store pickup for 2.3.1

    Well that makes sense, but how do you change the text? I can't find the file to change it in.
  9. Ninety-one Maro

    store pickup for 2.3.1

    I haven't been able to find that option yet either. Still looking, someone please help if you know how to add this.