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  1. OK - figured out how to change the file permissions! Really didn't work at all how I imagined it would. Now back to the real problem... Daniel.
  2. Hi, Have inherited a partly working osC(2.2 RC2)+WorldPay Junior system. I am computer-literate but have never used either of these before or worked on an ecommerce system before. I seem to be suffering from one of the many issues with callbacks, but don't know which or how to fix it (too many conflicting suggestions in the forums!). The response says "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /esus/includes/modules/payment/worldpay_junior.php" on this server. Rather embarassingly I also cannot figure out how to give myself the permission to edit the actual php files. The whole thing is driving me to distraction! Collective wisdom come to my aid please, Thanks for listening, Daniel.