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  1. Running: osc 2.3.2, qtpro 4.6.1_1 (NOTE: This contribution needs A LOT of improvements before I would recommend using it.) Something I noticed in admin/products_attributes.php: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1062 - Duplicate entry '1-1' for key 'PRIMARY' insert into products_options (products_options_id, products_options_name, language_id, products_options_track_stock) values ('1', 'Color', '1', '0') [TEP STOP] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When updating an existing Product Option (to track stock), I get that SQL error. The database query is inserting a row when it should be updating a row. I should come up with a fix soon and post it for anyone else who has run into a similar issue.
  2. make this: delete fromproducts_options where products_options_id = '2' look like this: delete from products_options where products_options_id = '2' try that out.
  3. devoidofodors

    Automated FedEx Labels

    I had a recent problem that might shed some light on the problem. One of my client's stores had an improperly configured FedEx Real Time Quotes shipping module, with the account number being different. Thinking that FedEx had finally given up support of the labels, I changed the fedex server configuration (fedexdc.php) and I got to the broken Astra Barcode screen you were talking about. ship_fedex.php has a very interesting debug feature that you can use to see if your information is being passed to the final label creation stage. if you set it to 1, you will see what the shipping manifest's array looks like. // debugging // setting to 1 displays the array of all shipping // and manifest data when a ship request is made $debug = 0; Later on around line 317 if ($debug) { $shipData[1400] = $total_weight; $package_weight = $HTTP_POST_VARS['package_' . $i . '_weight']; $package_weight = sprintf("%01.1f", $package_weight); $shipData[1401] = $package_weight; echo SHIPMENT_REQUEST_DATA . $i . ':<br><pre>'; print_r($shipData); echo '</pre>'; $manifest_data['tracking_num'] = 'master_trackNum'; echo MANIFEST_DATA . $i . ':<br><pre>'; print_r($manifest_data); echo '</pre>'; } else { $shipData[1400] = $total_weight; $package_weight = round($HTTP_POST_VARS['package_' . $i . '_weight'],1); $package_weight = sprintf("%01.1f", $package_weight); $shipData[1401] = $package_weight; $master_trackNum = tep_ship_request($shipData,$ship_type,$order); $manifest_data['tracking_num'] = $master_trackNum; } } I then checked some of the other stores and they were all printing out labels perfectly. Hmm... I went back and put the original server address back in, configured the FedEx Real Time Quotes and FedEx Web Services to have the same credentials and it worked. tl;dr: check to see if your modules are configured with the same credentials (the new ones you got from FedEx for the Web Services modules).
  4. devoidofodors

    Paypal Multi Order Shipping Auto Import

    Hey all, I recently have been manually uploading CSV files containing orders from our OSC Store to Paypal Multi Order Shipping and I was wondering if there was a way to auto import the orders? Is there an API for Paypal that I can connect to that allows this? I am thinking about writing a script to send out the order details any time an order is placed, and if it works, I'll post the contribution. I just need a little info. Anything you got helps. meow
  5. devoidofodors

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    yes, that's what I meant. The Real Time Quotes API module still works for most of the backend, just not the shipping rates. I do think that there's a way to cannibalize the old module and use the parts that currently work. If anyone would like to point me in the right direction (files, snippets of code), I will take a crack at improving this module.
  6. devoidofodors

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    If you reinstall the FedEx module that was working, the labels print out just fine. Just set the 1st option to false and you're set.
  7. devoidofodors

    PayPal Website Payments Pro Error "Unable to set private key" Error 58

    Update: fixed it, woohoo! Turns out the certificate was bad. I removed the certificate from the server, removed the certificate from Paypal, generated a new certificate on Paypal, uploaded the certificate to the server and it works. Crisis averted. Time to get paid, yo.
  8. Hi all! I recently have been running into a problem on an OSCommerce site using the one page checkout contribution. Using Paypal Website Payments Pro, the user enters their credit card information (for Direct Payments) on checkout_payment.php and then are taken to the checkout_confirmation.php page. All is good until they confirm... the user is then sent to checkout_shipping.php (which is normally not used in the one page checkout). Once they choose their shipping option again, they are sent to the checkout_payment.php page and greeted by the following error: unable to set private key file: '/path_to/includes/modules/payment/wpp_cert/paypal_cert_pem.txt' type PEM (Error No. 58) Does anyone have any ideas that could be causing this error? Any leads or speculation will be greatly appreciated!
  9. devoidofodors


    try changing the 'First-Class Mail Parcel' to 'First-Class Package Service' in catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php . You may also need some code in your checkout_confirmation.php file. Use this piece of code on your checkout_payment.php within the <body> tags to see if you're actually getting quotes for First-Class: <?php print_r($quotes) ?>. You can comment it out if you need to with some html comments if need be (then you'll have to check the source code). otherwise, it's show up at the top in plain view for all of your customers to email and worry about. If anyone needs any help doing this, feel free to PM me. I did 5 osc2.2 sites running USPS methods 6.1 the past week. When this problem started, we called developers who were charging outrageous amounts for the little amount of work they would have done (understandably, this is a pain to deal with). Knowledge is power and some people abuse that.
  10. devoidofodors

    How to Re-Order USPS Shipping Options by Cost?

    that php code is only temporary, just enough to give you a visual of what's actually going on.
  11. devoidofodors

    How to Re-Order USPS Shipping Options by Cost?

    It's a simple programming task you learn when you're first starting out. I'm tired of programming today, but I'll help you get there: Put this piece of code in the file that displays the shipping options (we use a custom checkout_payment.php page and it displays the shipping rates) to see the array delivered from the USPS: " <?php print_r($quotes) ?> " Then use a little bit of php code to resort the array based on prices before they're printed on the screen (look for a for look in the code). Check this page out: http://php.net/manual/en/array.sorting.php Maybe in a couple of days or so, I'll get around to it. I had the same thought today, oddly enough. SWED.
  12. What shipping module are you using? It sounds like a misconfigured installation. You can easily reinstall and try again. It's the easiest way to know what is what. Use a file compare tool like Winmerge or Diffuse.
  13. devoidofodors


    Anyone who wants the quick fix to USPS First Class Domestic shipping for USPS Methods 6.1, PM me.