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  1. A few days back when it was not important to me I believe I ran across a post which clearly explained how to install Pay Pal express module. I have it installed, I have the API information, and probably not the smartest thing, am testing it in live mode since the 'shop' is currently closed and has one intentionally overpriced item.. Clicking through the checkout on the third step, if I press the checkout button I am bounced back to the start of the process, the Paypal Express button does nothing ...yet either sends me an email with only the following message for debug. $HTTP_POST_VARS: $HTTP_GET_VARS: Obviously something is not set up correctly somewhere. So back to my original question... where is that nicely constructed post about how to set up PP Express in 2.3.1, or was I dreaming that?
  2. i just installed Paypal express module got the API information entered and when I tried out a purchase, all I get is a red bar up in the corner of my website and nothing else. Not sure what it means but I am sure it isnt good.
  3. Please do not bother replying to this thread. I figured out those two parts and found in subsequent steps that either these directions were written for a previous version, OR the file 'index.php' has changed since they were put out. There is no way to add some of the lines called for in step 12, as those sections of code are no longer the same.
  4. Am fairly new to osCommerce and trying to install the addon Event Scheduler. I am sure the install information is great for those with more experience but I am not quite there yet. 1) Copy all files under catalog folder, directory structure maintained, no existing files to be replaced. - I simply moved the whole folder as it was unzipped and placed it in the /catalog level. But am thinking that was too easy. 2) run sql from install.sql (2 tables added) using phpMyAdmin or similar program - I can see no tables added when I look in my phpMyAdmin, and cannot figure anyway to run the install.sql (of course I dont really know SQL to begin with.... The rest of the directions I am am confident I can handle. The first two steps are what is stumping me. Any ideas? README.txt