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  1. Okay! Now works fine! It was a minor problem. So, another question: for now, all the diacritics of hungarian language are ignored (exactly: ÁÉÍÓÖÜÚŰ - áéíóöüúű). Can I set de conversion rules, to add these characters to the SEF URL's. As I seen, USEO add some suffixes to the SEF name. I don't need this. Can be removed? Cheers, Pandinvs
  2. Hi Bobby! I installed Your SEO pack here. In .htaccess file, the RewriteBase is "/". For now, I cannot access the admin panel, because I receive a stupid error: "www.potompenz.hudir_ws_http_cataloglogin.php." The SEF URL's are not generated, of course. Please, help me asap... :( Cheers, Pandinvs P.S.: I restore the previous state for now, because I must work on site.
  3. Már van. nézd meg itt: