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  1. fqstore

    Shipping module defaults

    I am using shipping module http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8327 and I cannot get figure out why it defaults to large first class envelope. I did a test purchase on a bulk item that weighs 5 lbs it it choose the envelope. I would have thought it would choose the correct mode according to weight. Anybody have any suggestions on what to do? :unsure: Don
  2. fqstore

    USPS Shipping Labels

    Wow, I am not live on the web. I was considering using this module but I think I will just use click and ship and Paypal. Easy enough for me. The only drawback to Paypal is the service charge. But it is worth not having the headaches.
  3. Jetta, I have installed your latest version of USPS module. I am having a few issues. An item that weighs 5 lbs is being choosen for a lrg 1st class envelope. It is first on the list. I would have thought that it would have defaulted to a parcel post. I need pp or regular priority to be picked when the item is heavy. All of my prices are .75 cents high. Comparing to the USPS site the prices are not the same. My flat rates are not correct. They should be the current going rate and they are not. Community sponsor Dunweb tells me that I cannot use flat rate on the USPS module unless I make separate zones. I don't understand why. I need to have an option for free shipping. This module my computer guy cannot get to work. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4475 I have read your posting as well as others stating how this module is esay to use. It has been anything but for me. Is it something we are doing or not doing correct? Many postings state that once they got this module installed the problems went away. I don't see anything be mentioned about problems like mine. This is my first experience with commerce or a web site and my computer guy is not experienced in commerce either. I have been trying to get live now for a month working on the site, modules. I really would like to get this corrected and get live. Anybody that can help would really be appreciated. Don
  4. Hi folks, I am trying to run this version on my site and find it A PAIN! I am new to this and my web guy does not know much about commerce. My problem is are 2 fold. The rates are not showing the correct prices. They are .75 cents off. Parcel Post is .85 cents off. When I look at the USPS shipping site the priority price does not match mine on my site. I entered the same weight for both sites. Doing a test purchase shows the shipping module choosing first class large envelope for a product that weighs 1.6 pounds. Don't know how to make it choose a default that would be better suited. I don't trust a customer to change the shipping option to the correct setting. I have this version and was careful to choose the latest from the commerce support site. I read on the fourm that many people are happy with the shipping module. I just wish that I was one of them and getting my site live on the internet. I cannot in good consious make it live knowing my site will be overcharging shipping. Any help will be appreciated and I will send it on to my web guy. Thanks, Don
  5. fqstore


    @ Did you ever get this problem solved. I am having the same problem. flat rates as well as priority is off. Don
  6. My flat rate prices are not matching up to the USPS web site. I was told be a support guy on commerce that flat rates cannot be used here. The download summary says otherwise. Any input would surely be appreciated. I have been trying to get live for weeks. Newbie here on commerce. Thanks Don
  7. I am a new site owner trying to get live. I am stuck on my shipping module. It seems to have a set weight programed in it of 3lbs and adds my item weights to that. This gives my a wrong dollar amount. My web designer wrote this. Can anyone help? I am getting bummed out, been dealing with shipping issues for 3 weeks. Don Even with no weight, it is still calculating for 3lb. I set the product weight to .5 (8oz) and then it shows up as 3lb, 8oz. I set product weight to 2, it show up as 5 lbs. So it seems to be starting at 3lbs and adds the actual product weight to that. Weird but I have no idea why. The oz are working, 16oz to 1lb. Try submitting a question in the forum for this USPS module.