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  1. ok sorted, i forgot to upload a file to root
  2. im trying to upload "google_xml_sitemap_seo.sql" in phpMyAdmin. im getting error: INSERT INTO configuration_group( configuration_group_id, configuration_group_title, configuration_group_description, sort_order, visible ) VALUES ( '289', 'Google XML SEO', 'Google XML Sitemap SEO Options', '29', '1' ) ANYONE KNOWS WHAT AM I DOING WRONG ?
  3. recommending this scroll box add on which works perfectly for me
  4. i have no idea what can cause this, surely i know that i installed only 3 addons (all yours, which are great) modular front page, categories acordion box and banner box.
  5. i found the problem. Module itself works fine if i choose banner rotate option to false. If i pick true my index page show the error mentioned above..
  6. i downloaded and install banner box
  7. Hi, after installing Categories Accordion Box which works fine for me, would just need to change an order. I am getting in box first: picture, then name, price, buy now.. And i would need name first. Tried to find a code in bm_categories_accordion relating to my problem but unsuccessfully..
  8. no didn't run the rotator.sql file.. I haven't found it in add on. Where would i look for it?
  9. i tried already 3x, using latest version 1.1. I get the same message above every time after adding few banners in banner manager under the same group and using the same name of group in module in "banners box group name". Can it not be because i using already banner rotator? or is it not limited by images size? Thanx
  10. and how would i change a code to show my products??
  11. what do i do wrong?after installing a module and setting the same group name in banner manager and module getting this: 1327 - Undeclared variable: MAX_DISPLAY_BANNER_ROTATOR select banners_id, banners_url, banners_image, banners_html_text, status from banners where banners_group = 'box_module' and language_id = '3' and status = 1 order by BANNER_ORDER limit MAX_DISPLAY_BANNER_ROTATOR [TEP STOP] pleeaase, thanks in advance
  12. @@kymation first all great addon, secondly could you discribe a little bit more how to change a look/ make this work for other boxes..?? you already mentioned something on page 3 with @@BretSpark, but for a newbie like me it is not sufficient information. Thankx
  13. I guess it is by adding multiply banners under same group but i get couple banners underneath...
  14. hi, im having trouble adding multiply images in banner manager.It gives me option to put just one image. I have installed banner rotator. Any ideas??? Thankx