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  1. ashram78

    osCAffiliate Banners not showing up

    I have the same problem did you find a way to resolve this problem?
  2. ashram78

    ezier new fileds

    have you found a solution? I have the same problem! please help! Thanx
  3. ashram78

    ezier fields and easy populate

    did you find a solution? please can you halp me? i have the same problem! thanx
  4. ashram78

    BUG European Bank Transfer

    I didn't touch that part of the code. i added italian language and replaced this line in all languages because in the email it wasn't going to freshline: define('MODULE_PAYMENT_EU_BANKTRANSFER_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER', str_replace('<BR>','\n',MODULE_PAYMENT_EU_BANKTRANSFER_TEXT_DESCRIPTION)); with: define('MODULE_PAYMENT_EU_BANKTRANSFER_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER', MODULE_PAYMENT_EU_BANKTRANSFER_TEXT_DESCRIPTION);
  5. ashram78

    BUG European Bank Transfer

    on my site it works: www.eyevogue.com in all the five available languages...
  6. ashram78

    BUG European Bank Transfer

    what is your problem, can you explain me better?
  7. ashram78

    Live Support v1.8

    where is the live support 1.8? i found the 1.5 under contribution Anyone can tell me? Thanx Stefano
  8. ashram78

    Live Support Plus v1.00

    Have you found the error? i have the same problem, please help! thank you Stefano
  9. ashram78

    Products stay in cart after checkout!

    do customers get back to your site after payment?
  10. ashram78

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Where did ypu get the "login for price" contribution?
  11. many languages in the admin have the status have the status blank! what can i do? anyone knows?
  12. To NerioDavid turn on the search engine friendly url (still in development) set it to true and you will have seo friendly links pages urls
  13. ashram78

    Link Category Title

    Replace the second <?php echo HEADING_TITLE; ?> in links.php with this: <?php echo strip_tags($breadcrumb->trail(' ? ')); ?> in ? tou can put whatever character you want if you don't like the raquo character
  14. Hi Bobby! thank you for your excellent work. i was wondering if you are planning to give language support to the seo ultimate urls... i have this urls at the moment: http://www.eyevogue.com/sunglasses-giorgio...tml?language=en when will it be possible to change them to: http://www.eyevogue.com/sunglasses-giorgio...tml/language/en Do you have any idea on how to realize this? Thank you Stefano
  15. ashram78

    languages support

    Hi Bobby! Thanx for your excellent work. I was wondering when will we be able to have a seo contribution with language support. example i have this url: http://www.eyevogue.com/sunglasses-giorgio...tml?language=en when will we get an url with the "/" instead of the "?" and the "=" like this: http://www.eyevogue.com/sunglasses-giorgio...tml/language/en do you think is it possible for you to find a way to realize this? Thank you in advance Stefano