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  1. camelliang


    actually, do you want to use this contribution instead? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...y,2/search,zone the only disadvantage is you have to input every shipping country , not selected from shipping zones
  2. i check out the contribution. there are 3 files on for that contribution, did you just download the most recent one? coz you should dl the COMPLETE latest package, not just an update. if your package is not complete, then dl all the files (or the COMPLETE latest package), the replace the latest into the oldest package BY ORDER (the most recent package should be the last to place into the oldest package) ex. in your case dl all 3 files, unzip it with winzip if you have trouble unzipping it. the replace the 2 sep 2002 file with 29 Sep 2002 file FIRST (pay attention to the file structure before replace it, make sure they are in the right spot) then replace the 2 sep 2002 file (which is replaced by 29 sep 2002, updated files) with 10 Dec 2002 file (also pay attention to file structure, if you are not sure , read the read me file in side each package) then read the me file in those package. usually the most recent readme file will do the job, but sometimes updated patch will only have one file, so you'll have to read the old version readme file by the way, the last update patch should be placed in catalog-->includes--->module--->shipping NOT in the language file this contribution is pretty old though, make sure it matches your OSC version before you upload it.
  3. hi, you should download the contributionshere, then unzip it , there are readme files in every packages. make sure you have the correct files number for your package, sometime, they might just put up 1 or 2 update files only, instead of the whole/complete package
  4. camelliang

    Diffrent shipping costs for diffrent countries?

    are you looking for this :D
  5. camelliang

    can anyone help?

    i downloaded a zone based shipping module here everything is great, but i was thinking if anyone can help me to change the zones countries to TAX CLASS ZONES<--(zones i define in the location/tax area), instead of entering each countries by hand. example can be found in the field of shipping zones at FLAT RATE OR SHIPPING RATE module in osc 2.2 MS2. please help... it takes a tons of time to input every country by hand