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  1. Please can anyone help me ? Please !!!!!!!!! this is the last bit .!!!!
  2. I have installed the Info Skin 2.0. It Create a folder boxes_content and replace the boxes folder. I have installed Dynamic Sitemap , there just have a little problem that I don't know how to change the program and make it search for boxes_content folder NOT boxes folder !!! Anyone can help ? Best regards, chaners
  3. chaners

    2checkout currency problem

    Hello, I have applied 2checkout recently and tried to use it on my we-site. There is some problem about the currency. :angry: Since I am based on UK sterling on my website. If I use 2checkout to checkout and direct to their payment page. The currency somehow changed to US dollars, but the amount stay the same. Coz I know that 2checkout accept other foreigner currency, when using Visa and Master card. So, can somebody help, so that when direct to the 2checkout pagement page, the currency will stick to UK sterling. Thanks
  4. chaners

    Paypal checkout problem

    Hello, When I press the confirm checkout button using paypal payment option. It will go to the paypal security payment page. However, the amount is not show on the payment page, which I have to key in the amount by myself. :o Can any one help me how to make the total amount show on the payment page. Thanks, Chaners