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  1. I finally got the Super Download Store installed and working. I used Softaculous to install the store and then ran the 3 SQL scripts and copied all of the new files and all of the modified files except configure.php (This one has to be modified by hand. See the manual install instructions.). I went through several installs before I learned not to copy the configure.php file. This needs to be mentioned in the documentation. I added an option to the downloadable book I am selling to specify a filename, but I am still getting shipping costs added to the item.I also specified 0 weight. I need help with this! Please. I am using the per item shipping cost calculator and specifying a cost per item of $3.00 and a $1.00 handling charge. Yes, downloads are enabled. I might need to use groups of files to download a book. I'm guessing I put them in a directory and then specify the directory name where the file name should go. Is that correct? Are these file somehow coded so they are unique and are limited to one installation per file? It there a plug in for OS Commerce that does this? Thanks for any help you can provide.