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  1. Yeah, they do niche auto parts. These are my opinions based on my own experiences: Avg order value $150 seems to be a good number to make "things" easier for an online business. It is truly a global economy now, and what it means is that it is very difficult to compete if you still have a middle man in you supply chain (this auto part business is a direct manufacturer). I am not seeing too many of my middle man B2B clients thriving. Like you said, niche is important....
  2. I was reading this thread, and I think by page 3 I almost lost track on some points that I would like to chime in. Old age. Anyway, give Amazon a try if you already run an online store. I have seen clients that do "really well" on Google CPC ($1k minimum campaign budget per day) but only mediocre on Amazon, and I also have seen clients that are the opposite. Couple weeks ago I met with a company that they had started on Amazon less than a year ago, but they were now on track to do over 5 millions a year. So this all depends on what you are selling online and etc (I told them they have no idea how lucky they are spending only ~10% fee to generate the sales as Google CPC could be 15%+. And I am speaking of a matured company and not a brand new store/brand). In any event, multi-channel selling is really important for any retail businesses today so my advice is always to give it a try. The GTIN and sales tax should not stop you if you can reach that critical mass to make it work. You really don't have to concern with tax nexus if you are not doing Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), and that you are fulfilling only from one location. In fact, that's what i would advise my client to not start out with FBA. Amazon actually would charge you to help you keep track of the sales taxes for every states, but it is still a pain as it would be your responsibility to apply for a reseller permit from every States that Amazon has a warehouse. Adding to that, it is also your responsibility to file that sales tax per each State's requirement on. So, yeah, save FBA for the right time, and do give Amazon a try. I expect Amazon to continue to erode away Google's CPC searches...
  3. @@Dan Cole, try to hit this before every writing your own array manipulating function. You can do a lot with these built-in functions. I bet you can just filter through your multi-dimensional array and get what you want. I hit it everyday. Tim
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by "flatten". Form the look of them can't you just access them by the array's numerical index? Or just do a foreach loop to work on each "flattened" hash array?
  5. @@frankl, all is working, easy peasy, I need to buy u a beer! Thx! Can't wait to see the full app market place roll out. It's gonna be good! And this doesn't have the resource hog issues like other carts that I dislike.
  6. Oh, did...awesome. Thx!
  7. @@frankl, awesome, go for the github, I can help you test...pls LMK...Tim
  8. You have it on github?
  9. You try to email them and ask for the sale price? A lot of places warrant that request within certain time of purchase. It would be interesting to see what they say.
  10. @@Gyakutsuki, well, I am wrong a lot. I guess I based that on just a .placeholder file in the app's folder...I guess I am gonna find out real soon...
  11. Thx @@Gyakutsuki, I don't think that the current Paypal APP is using the app architecture...thanks for your help though...Tim
  12. I have read that many times, but felt like something was still missing...
  13. That's what I am talking about...tribal knowledge! Please keep it coming!
  14. Have to build couple more new sites, I was thinking dive right into Joli. I know, it's only for testing...but I am a developer. So I am thinking start moving things into sites (templates) and apps (say, short checkout, FWR SEO URL and CCVG and etc)...any how-tos on this to shorten my learning curve? Thanks for your help! Tim P.S. ah, I am in the talk of integrating Ship Station to OSC also, yeah, it would be awesome to be able to write it as an app...hopefully, I will never redo work that was done b4.
  15. Congrats!