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  1. @frankl, the template feature. I don't seem to have the "public/Sites/Shop/Templates" path in my BS repo. Thx! Tim
  2. exactly what I was looking for, @frankl, but the current BS version doesn't seem to have this feature yet. So how is anyone making changes to the layout without touching the core codes, and any thoughts on the transition when it's time to go to the template system. I am trying to figure out how I can avoid redoing the codes again once we have the next release. Thx! tim
  3. All of the above, plus make sure that you can connect to I sometime just setup for localhost only. If you have DBA privilege, select * from mysql.user, should tell you the user setup. Also, have your php write out the database engine status at error: show engine innodb status; Look for contention as I had just recently encountered locks wait that causing connections to reach it max allowed. Fixed the locks wait and no more connection errors. I also found out MySQL's transaction isolation level defaults to Repeatable Read, it can be problematic on large insert, update, delete. I think Oracle and Informix are both Read Committed. It seems overkill to me. Something doesn't seem right, with the max connected at 85 but the max connection were set at 100. Was the DB rebooted since the error? I think with shared hosting you would have other shared hosts also connecting to the DB. I had never increased the max connections to fix any issues, it is probably a good idea to address the root cause before doing that. But may be if 85 connection is your normal load it would be a good idea to plan some surge capacity in it. Hey, for $5 a month on the cloud you can have your own LAMP stack and access to all your logs. Its a good deal...
  4. In the US, look up TCPA. I think marketing thru emails had led and gotten way out of hands so the rules and regulations are a lot more prepared this time to address phone marketing. On the other front though there are a lot more technologies for real-time opt-in tracking. The fine is hefty, I think that's why...
  5. Broke down and went to Digital Ocean. It's better than I'd expected.

    1. burt


      I have an account with them, with credit on it.  I jsut could not understand how to make it work, so I gave up!

    2. clustersolutions


      Feel free to shoot any questions about making it work. I found it easier to use than AWS, and has plenty of enterprise features that are great for shop owners, and not to mention the performance smokes the old dedicated server. The $5 droplet is plenty to start, just add a 1 G swap space to run MySQL, and go with the LAMP stack instance so less packages to install. You can always size up the instance. Also, be sure to use a datacenter that has additional data volume feature as not all datacenter yet allows a disk volume being added. This is something for sure will become necessary. We are using G Suite to handle emails.

  6. Mailchimp is good. I just started using thenewsletterplugin from WP as when setup right it is free (kinda when you run your own instance). I just import the listing to WP. I am probably just gonna use it to get the clicker/openers...Mailchimp has better reporting for now...
  7. @moxamint, awesome, good to know!
  8. @greasemonkey, of course they do. In fact all you need is an account, then you can get your API/secret keys to make the API calls. The API blue print that they offer is good. Writing the app for OSC is no big deal. I think waiting for a OSC release to be comfortable to develope on is a much bigger deal. I found it funny that SS do a lot of things that an ERP would do, but it is missing a good ERP integration. Then again, I found some stores must had an "oh, shiz" moment as their multi-channels online sales were sky rocketing through the roof and SS was there to get their orders out the door--which was probably very important at first until customers start bitching about sold out or not knowing where their orders went.
  9. Ship Station is awesome! I had it integrated into an ERP. The awesome thing was using it as a quarterback, unlike the traditional thought of an ERP should be the quarterback. Shipstation had done a lot of the leg works. I was gonna write the OSC integration module, but not enough time right now. Ship station don't make money from the monthly fee, they make money from the percentage of your shipping bill. They were bought by last year.
  10. @moxamint, I think if your objective is to get the latest Paypal app working with 2.3.4 or 2.4 I would just focus on that. I imagine which endpoint paypal calls on your site is depended on its setting (i.e. PDT or IPN). For your order id issue, check the console, you should be able to see the posting strings. You probably need to disable checkout_process.php by adding a "die;' statement at the beginning. If the order id being passed back was correct, then the issue is probably lie somewhere in checkout_process.php and paypal_standard.php's before_process() method...that's how I incorporated CCVG order_total in it and getting PDT to work. I won't claim to be an expert with Paypal as I had a total of 8 hr of work in it in the past 15+ yrs. I just had to do it for the first time ever since for a small store that wanted to use a payment solution without upfront fee. I'll try to help when I can...
  11. hey @douglaswalker, that wouldn't surprise me. There're just so many OSC variants out there that some may work, and some may not. Mine just happen not, and when I looked at the code I found my IPN order processing portion outdated and the PDT was the quickest route.
  12. @douglaswalker, you check your console.log? You may want to provide the block of jQuery codes that make that happens...
  13. @douglaswalker, thx for the info. I didn't see that. I think the risk is the same as the server would go down during a non-paypal transaction checkout. To me, if it occurs, say 0.0001%, I am ok with it; otherwise, addressing server up time may be more pressing. To use IPN, I am sure that you need a code walk through. It seems not ready to me with the latest release...
  14. @douglas walker, I believe in the long run you should not use IPN. I would just disable IPN on Paypal and go get PDT working for some of those reasons I had stated above. I assume Paypal fires off either PDT or IPN and not both. I didn't have the time to test that theory. Based on what I saw in the codes, I imagine IPN may not be supported forever...
  15. @Moxamint , yeah, in my earlier post I had stated that PDT use checkout_process.php (you'd see the warning when you turn on PDT in the Paypal app, too). You need to make sure that you setup Paypal to return to your website after payment completion. The GET/POST strings are passed back to checkout_process.php, and at this line of code, "$payment->before_process()", it will go to paypal_standard.php's before_process() method to complete the order processing and checkout_success.php page. One email from the paypal_standard.php's before_process() method. And if you look at the order processing codes, you'll see the codes are more "fresh" in the paypal_standard.php vs. standard_ipn.php.